Choosing Between the Novo 3, Novo X, and Novo 4 Pod Devices


The legacy of the SMOK Novo pod device continues to lengthen. With new generations like the SMOK Novo 3, the subsequent Novo X, and the latest trending Novo 4 pod device, one has to wonder what each new model brings to the table, and which is best for those looking to upgrade.

With each new generation release, SMOK introduces new technological features and adjustments to the body of the Novo. While the latest Novo 4 boasts some of the most impressive new features, a Novo 3 or Novo X could still be the better choice for you depending on your interests. Read on to find a more detailed breakdown comparing these popular pod devices and determine which one is perfect for you.


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Color Options

Various color scheme options for the SMOK Novo 3, Novo X, and Novo 4.

First, let's talk colors, starting with the Novo 3. There are fourteen colors to choose from in the Novo 3 collection, a collection that puts a great focus on the signature SMOK "cobra" aesthetic.

The Novo X offers eight designs and also draws heavily from the cobra look, with five cobra options and three "stabilizing wood" options. The stabilizing wood designs are a stunning combination of wood grain-inspired elements and bright watercolors.

    The Novo 4 pod device features ten color options, offering takes on the classic cobra design (this time with a trendy ombre color scheme), as well as stabilizing wood , carbon fiber, and "armor" - a unique geometric pattern.

    Novo Pod Device Size Differences

    A SMOK Novo 3, Novo 4, and Novo X, all red in color, with their size comparison listed below.

    It's not just the color aesthetic that differentiates the exteriors of the latest Novo pod devices. While each device maintains its sleek, flash drive-style shape, each new generation has increased slightly in size. 

    Note: The above image is not a perfectly accurate representation of the Novo device sizes.

    Battery and Wattage

    A blue SMOK Novo X plugged in atop a mouse pad, with text beneath.

    Each of the latest SMOK Novo pod devices are built with an 800mAh internal battery, so they offer similar wattage output ranges. Both the Novo 3 and the Novo X can be charged via a Micro-USB charger. The Novo 4, however, uses a Type-C USB charger, which offers significantly more rapid charging results. In fact, the Novo 4 boasts just 90 minutes to reach a full charge.

        Novo Pods and E-Liquid Capacity

        Three SMOK Novo replacement pods with specifications listed below each.

        Another area where the Novo generations differ is their replacement pods. In fact, their only similarity is that each SMOK pod offers a 2ml e-liquid capacity. While the Novo 3 replacement pods are compatible with its predecessors the Novo 2 and the original SMOK Novo, the Novo X replacement pods and the Novo 4 replacement pods can only be used with their corresponding device. The Novo 3 and Novo X pods both come with a pre-installed 0.8ohm coil, while the Novo 4 pod can be used with the SMOK LP1 coil series. Also, the Novo 3 and Novo X pods are sold in packs of three, and the Novo 4 pods are sold as single units.

          Most Notable Unique Features

          Several SMOK Novo 4 pod devices displayed in a wide array of colors.

          Each generation of the Novo is convenient and beneficial in its own way, but there are a few more technological aspects that need to be mentioned - or lack thereof. Primarily, the presence of an LED screen. The Novo 3 doesn't have one, but the Novo X and Novo 4 do, allowing users to track their wattage and battery life. The Novo 4 (pictured above) is also built with an airflow adjustment dial at the top of the pod mod, giving the user even more control over their inhale.

          So, now you know the main differentiations between the SMOK Novo 3, Novo X, and Novo 4. If you're looking for a simple, grab-and-go device, perhaps the Novo 3 is the way to go. If you want maximum user control, opt for the Novo 4. Or if you prefer something in the middle, there's the Novo X. No matter what, you really can't go wrong.

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