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You may not know this about me reader, (and we've never met in person, so why would you,) but there are three things I love doing for my job here at Eightvape:

  1. Writing articles,
  2. Stealing images to use in those articles, without crediting anybody, 
  3. Making making ridiculously stupid jokes, usually involving those same images, and,
  4. Ignoring how many items belong on a numbered list.

Today you're in for a treat: MORE OF THE SAME!

As it has been assigned to me, today we will be discussing my new favorite RDA tank; the Rath RDA by Vandy Vape. What makes it my favorite new tank? The fact that it's the most recent one I've looked at, honestly, so it's bumped whatever the last one was out of first place, because I have trouble with object permanence. (I can't even remember what the last one was. Can we get an intern on that? Do a little research for me? ...Wait, I'm supposed to be doing my own research? Ah, crap.)

Well, instead of pondering answers we may never find, (because I'm too lazy to look through my own body of work,) let's just move on and discuss this awesome new tank, shall we?

The correct answer is, "We Shall." Or, for you Battlestar Galactica nerds, "So Say We All." ...See? I know pop culture stuff.

Pictured left to right: Captain Picard, Han Solo, Doctor Who, and R2-D2


While looking into this tank, I found an amazing first image that let me know I was on the path to discovering true greatness. Brace yourselves for the following three epic things:

  1. A lion's face with friggin' eagle's wings,
  2. Another (or the same?) majestic lion charging through rocky terrain, like an SUV commercial,
  3. Chrome lettering,
  4. No less than three lens flares,
  5. Yet another mis-numbered list.


See those amazing lens flares? ONE OF THEM IS A LION. I'm 100% certain I had this background image on a Trapper Keeper back in the 80's.
Also, I was alive back in the 80's. Shut up.


Look at that thing! It is a magnificent image. And when I dove in a little deeper, the tank itself is pretty amazing-looking, too. It's got four dynamic colors, and an easily replaceable, wide-mouth drip tip.

More quick-change options than an Arturo Brachetti one-man show. All the cool people know who Arturo Brachetti is, right? I'm sure they do. This joke works.


The chassis is made of impact-resistant stainless steel, and has a dual honeycomb airflow top cap, which is adjustable to control the level of airflow you choose. You can see how many ports are open or closed just by looking at the honeycomb design on the side!



To give you an idea of how the airflow works, here's a delightful animated GIF! (Do you guys pronounce it "Giff," or "Jiff?" Personally, I go with "Giff," because the G stands for "Graphics," which is a hard consonant. I mean, you don't call them "Jraphics." You don't go home to feed your Joldfish or walk your Jolden Retriever, either. LEARN HOW ACRONYMS WORK, PEOPLE!)

Anyway... here's a moving picture thing! Enjoy!

...But seriously. Pronounce it with a hard G, you mouth-breathing Plebeians. This isn't the Dark Ages.


The device also uses a clamp-style build deck, and can use a single or dual coil configuration, along with ceramic positive and negative electrodes:



The tank also can be used with a squonk mod, too! So if you squonk your juice with a squonk device, and you're interested in a new tank for using your squonk to squonk your juice up into, this is the tank for you! (Squonk.)

Around the Eightvape office, we're like Smurfs, but instead of "Smurf," we say "Squonk" for everything.
...Frequently I'm told to get off my squonk and write more bullsquonk.


For those of you who love hard numbers and nerd facts, here's your specs!

Diameter: 24mm
Height: 23mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 2ml
Deck: Single/Dual Coil
Fill Type: Side/Bottom
Thread: 510

And last but not least, here's a fancy exploded view of the whole thing!


This is a fantastic tank for both regular kits, and squonk devices! Made to be versatile and top-tier for anyone and everyone. Pick one up for yourself, and see what every pop-culture lover (like me) is talking about!

Until next time, vapers!

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    Arggggh! That`s NOT Mr. Spock!

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