Best Vape Tanks 2019


Top Vape Tanks 2019

3. Sikary Vapor NuNu Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank


A surprising addition to the vaping world this year was the updated versions of disposable tanks. Back in the day, when Ecig Go’s and Aspire Pens were the biggest players in vaping disposable tanks were the norm. There used to be little plastic 2mL tanks with literal cotton wicks like you’d find in old-timey oil lamps, not the best I know. But these new disposables are surprisingly good compared to their predecessors. I tested a few of them, including these NuNu tanks, and I was blown away by the cloud volume and flavor accuracy they were capable of. I mean when you consider these things are supposed to cost about the same as a pack of coils and remove the need for messy coil swaps, disposable tanks aren’t too bad for most inexperienced users.

2. FreeMax Fireluke 2

An updated version for one of last year’s top 3 tanks, the Fireluke 2 takes all the features that made the original tank great and improves them. With coils lasting up to two weeks, an affordable price point to entice new vapers, and some of the best tasting hits on the market it’s no wonder the Fireluke 2 is a best seller.

1. SMOK TFV16 Lite

One of the most powerful Sub-Ohm Tanks ever made got an update with the TFV16 Lite. The Lite edition features a more restrained power ceiling and promises to deliver longer-lasting coils and more intense flavor with every puff. Built with a smaller capacity 5mL design the TFV16 Lite still carries over the fantastic top locking and fill mechanism that makes the TFV16 such an easy tank to work with.

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