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Falcon 2 Tank - Horizon

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Falcon 2 Tank

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This tank features a new fan-shaped coil with a tapered structure that condenses flavor and makes vapor more smooth.

The Horizon Falcon 2 Tank features an adjustable airflow and resin drip tip, a Pyrex glass and stainless steel construction to make the device durable, and an easy-to-open base for coil changes. This tank also features two large adjustable airflow slots.  

The Horizon Falcon 2 Tank features a new coil, the Falcon 2 Sector Mesh Coil, that is tapered to form a compression path, making the flavor denser and the vapor smoother. The coil has a 0.14ohm resistance. This is a top-fill tank with a 510 connection. 

This tank features a 5.2ml e-juice capacity.

This tank is compatible with Horizon Falcon 2 Replacement Coils.

Quick Links:

Horizon Falcon 2 Replacement Coils

Features and Specifications:

  • Tank diameter: 25mm at the top, 28mm at the base. 
  • Coil: Falcon 2 Sector Mesh Coil
  • Wattage: 70-75W
  • Capacity: 5.2ml
  • Top-fill system
  • Construction: stainless steel body, Pyrex glass tank, resin drip tip
  • 510 connection


Package Includes: 

1x Horizon Falcon 2 Tank
1x 0.14ohm Mesh Coil 
1x Spare 3.4ml Straight Glass
1x User Manual

Horizon Falcon 2 Review

Horizontech is back with a brand new tank, and it’s a fantastic upgrade from the original Falcon Tanks. The new Falcon 2 Tank features a 5.5mL capacity, new plug and go coils, as well as a brand new mesh coil heating style perfect for flavor chasers. This is one of the tastiest tanks I’ve reviewed since the TFV16, and with its sturdy construction, it’s sure to stand the test of time as well. 

Falcon 2 Tank

But how does it fare after a week or so of usage? Keep reading to find out!

The Looks

I’ve been testing tanks for a few years now and it always astounds me how great HorizonTech tanks tend to look. I mean this is a company that took one of its most popular tanks ever, a best-seller by any standard, and invested money into developing a resin version so their customers could have more variety. 

Falcon 2 Gif

These new Falcon 2 Tanks are coming in a variety of colors, with each color having its own style of uniquely colorful resin drip tips. I’m actually very tempted to go pull a few tanks out of inventory just so I can grab the drip tips off of them, that's how good they look! 

I also really enjoy the updated coil chimney on the inside of the tank, and the design actually serves a purpose besides looking cool! With the blades of the chimney near the cotton wicking ports, the movement of E-Liquid around the blades helps drive liquid into the cotton faster by breaking the surface tension.  

How it Works

I have to admit, I don’t think you’re going to be able to hit 140W+ power ratings with any coil from the Falcon lineup. But with that out of the way, you will be able to get incredibly flavorful vapor out of the Falcon 2. I mean, realistically if you want to be blowing massive clouds you’d be better off with an RDA anyways. I like the Falcon 2 because I can get the same flavor and relative cloud size that I would out of a TFV16 without having to go past 80W. 

Horizon 2

The wood pulp mesh cotton delivers excellent flavor with every puff, even while chain vaping puffs back to back I had a hard time getting it to dry fire. As far as fill methods go it’s a standard slide to fill, I like that there’s a decent amount of resistance to the slide so I don’t think it’ll ever open in your pocket accidentally.

I noticed that the coils last around 1 to 1.5 weeks, dependent on what kind of juice you vape of course. I was running Jam Monster Grape through it the entire time so I was surprised the coils didn't burn out sooner with how thick that juice is.  

The Verdict

I actually really enjoyed using the Falcon 2 despite my initial trepidation. I haven’t had the best experiences with Falcon tanks in the past, but this one seems to be a whole new platform from the previous generation. The plug and go coils are a fantastic addition which makes servicing the tank practically hassle-free and I found the flavor from them to be on par with the SMOK Mesh coils.

Falcon 2 Line

If you’re looking for a great new tank, and you don’t want something huge like the SMOK TFV16, I’d highly recommend checking out the brand new Falcon 2. Why not expand your horizons with this latest atomizer from HorizonTech? 



Review Of The Horizon Tank And Coils

By Thaddeous Bubak

Here's the break down on this great/not so great mesh coil tank...

The tank itself comes in so many different colors and styles with 2 different types of airflow. The original and artistic design come with the 3 slot air flow. But the resin style comes with a dual slotted very wide air flow control. 

All designs have that bubble glass but they also include a straight glass. The straight glass will move you to 5mls of eLiquid as the bubble will hold up to 8mls. All personal preference on how you like your air flow and how much e-juice you want to be able to hold. But beware that the bubble glass does stick out a lot and it will be the 1st thing to hit if dropped or banged into something.

Now let's talk about these coils... if you buy the original style then it will come with a F1 coil and a M1 coil. The artistic design will come with a M1 coil and a M3 triple coil. The resin design will come with a M1 and M2 coil.

 The difference between the M1 and the M2 coil is not much. They changed the design of the mesh itself a little bit and lowered the resistance on the M2.

I know it's a lot to talk about but the coils are what make the tank, and let me tell you I've tried them all. It is definitely a false statement that a mesh coil will last longer than a traditional Kanthal coil. It all depends on the type of eJuice that you are using and how much you vape. And in my honest opinion just forget about the F2 and the F3 coils with Flax fiber paper as they are just awful.

If you want great flavor but not so much Vapor production then the M1 or M2 coil is definitely for you, but you will have to close your air flow slots at least halfway as the coils are very open and airy.

The F1 coil is not a mesh coil. It is a traditional dual wrapped vertical Kanthal coil with a lot of cotton wrapped around it and it ohms out at 0.2 ohms. It definitely provides a great Vape with a slightly restricted feel and fantastic flavor.

But the best of the bunch is definitely the M3 triple mesh coils with mesh and wood pulp cotton. 80 Watts will give you amazing flavor with amazing Vapor production and will last you quite a while depending on the type of eJuice you're using.

I am using Berries and Cream by Tinted Brew in a 3nic. One coil has lasted me about a week and half a 60 mL bottle.

The blueberry and raspberry are super on point with this coil and the cream is just fantastic as a after note.

And there truly is no break in period when it comes to this coil. It is fantastic for any type of flavor that you want to vape. 

 In the photos below you can see the difference between the traditional style tank and the resin tank. 

My name is Thaddeus Bubak and this has been my review on the Horizon Tech Falcon tank and all the coils. 

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