It's All About Temp Control


Vaping has become increasingly popular over the last few years and it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. With this increased popularity came advancements in vaping technology. 

The newest craze in the vaping community are “temperature control MODS”. Temp control

MODS do exactly as its name would suggest, it controls the maximum temperature of the vape's

coils. Controlling this temperature provides many benefits to the user.

For starters, buying a temp control MOD will allow you to have an improved control over your

vape, as well as increasing the safety of your device. You see, overheating your vape often leads

to terrible tasting dry hits, burnt wicks, and an overall uncomfortable vaping experience.

Controlling the temperature allows you to precisely tune into your ideal vaping preferences.

Builds won’t dry out due to overheating, providing smoother hits with less breaks to add more


Temp control MODS also do a lot to increase the safety of vaping. Recent studies have shown

that the vapor produced sometimes contains formaldehyde when heated to a certain temperature.

This formaldehyde is normally safe when mixed, however, when heated too much the

formaldehyde can separate from the other components and become a minor concern. While the

exact temperature that causes formaldehyde to separate is unknown, controlling the temperature

to ensure the vape doesn't overheat provides an excellent way to increase your safety while


How to use them is dependent on the user’s preferences and the builds used. Temp control

MODS work with Nickel and pure titanium coils. Other factors are important in determining a

set range for the controlled temperature. For instance, if you’re using a cotton build, you should

set the max temperature below the point where cotton burns or singes. Same goes if you’re using

a wick build. From there on you can tune into your desired settings.

While temp control MODS are advisable to anyone vaping, they’re more suitable for more

experienced users. These MODS require slighter higher knowledge about vapes and are a good

amount more expensive than the average starter vaping kit. However, if vaping’s an activity

you’ll be involved with frequently, investing in a good temp control MOD is the best option.

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