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At first glance, the Uwell Fancier RTA/RDA Tank is a sleek and stunningly modern RTA design system, with patterned engravings etched into the top and bottom metal sections, and black ombre dotticure reaching up from the lower glass section. There are 4 bottom adjustable airflow slots that smoothly slide open and closed, and holding the tank, you can feel a solid, enjoyable weight that indicates quality manufacturing and construction.

All in all, the first impression is... well, impressive. It looks and feels amazing. So; how well does it work? What makes this product unique from the others that are currently on the market?

To answer this question, I'd like to start with the specs:

  • 24mm Diameter × Height 56.3 mm  (RTA Configuration)
  • 4mL Juice Capacity
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Elegant Grooved Structure
  • Unique Centerpiece Design - Spitback Protection
  • Capable of Transforming into RDA
  • Gold-Plated Dual Post Build Deck
  • Two-Post, Dual Terminal Design
  • Side-Secured via Hex Screws
  • Innovative Downward Wicking
  • Single or Dual Coil Configurations
  • Threaded Top-Fill Method - Large Port
  • Quad External Bottom Airflow - Adjustable to Customize Vaping Method
  • Dual Internal Air Tubes
  • 810 PEI Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • Squonk-Ready BF 510 Pin
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection
  • The RTA allows Observation of Coils and Cotton.
  • And, Of Course, Available in Stainless Steel, Black, Blue, Iridescent Rainbow, Sapphire Blue, Purple, Gold


What does all this information mean, exactly, and why should we care? A 4mL juice capacity is pretty standard, and isn’t the tanks largest selling point; but nonetheless, I’m not disappointed with it, either. The centerpiece design is unique, providing the user with decent spit back prevention; leaving an all-around cleaner, more satisfying vaping experience.

The tank also allows for both single or double coil configuration; which gives it a nice duality, as well as versatility by not limiting users to one option. The top-fill port is unusually large—which for me, is an added bonus—as it makes refilling easier with less chance for major spillage/leakage to occur. However, if you’re someone who is all about a small, more compact design, then this tank probably isn’t quite the right fit for you.

A very versatile tank indeed. Any Squonk fanatics are sure to appreciate the Fancier's BF 510 Pin, allowing for Squonk Mod capability. 

Now let’s talk color options. An important feature to any tank is its appearance. It doesn’t matter how great something works, if it’s absolutely hideous, people won’t buy it, and with good reason. Vapes are like cars: we find and project our personality through them. Appearance matters, and Uwell had the right idea in mind when designing this RTA/RDA. Their extensive color options not only provide the standard (and stunning) Steel, Black, and Gold color options but a stunning Iridescent Rainbow, Sapphire Blue, and (my personal favorite) gorgeous and unique color-shifting Purple/Red, leaving the choice and customizability of your set up completely in your own hands.



- 1 Fancier Atomizer

- 1 Extra Pyrex Glass Tube

- 1 RDA Top Cap(stainless steel)

- 2 Pre-built NiChrome Wires

- 4 Extra Screws

- 1 Wrench

- 1 Pack of Replacement O-rings

- 1 User Manual

- 1 Organic Japanese Cotton


Final Thoughts? 

The UWELL Fancier RTA/RDA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer is a large, highly fashionable, versatile system on the forefront of RTA/RDA technology.  It has great squonk capabilities and is very user friendly. It is not, however, very compact, and therefore is not for individuals looking for ultra-portable and minimalistic designs. 

You can find this Product at EightVape.com now.


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