An Extremely Sexy Mod: Sinuous P80

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An Extremely Sexy Mod: Sinuous P80

By Jon Yu

(Slightly unrelated note: does anyone else remember "Wismec" being "Wisemec"? The Mandela Effect strikes again...)

My relationship with the Wismec Sinuous P80 is complicated. It's one of those vape devices that I'd have a hard time recommending to people. Not because I hate it or anything, but because it'll either appeal to people who happen to love its particular characteristics, or people who are satisfied with a mod as long as it vaporizes ejuice.

My own experience with the Sinuous ("P80" sounds too cold and robotic) had its ups and downs for a while. Initially, it was love at first sight. I get that aesthetics are a subjective thing, but I defy anyone to claim that this isn't an extremely sexy mod.

Even among other single 18650 cell mods, the Sinuous stands out immediately due to its sleek and symmetrical design--even the 510 connection is centered--a big plus if you have OCD tendencies like I do. The display and firing button are integrated so seamlessly into the design that they're nearly invisible except for the up and down buttons and micro USB port that distinguishes it from the back panel. I do wish those were placed somewhere else if only to complete the illusion.

Right away, I knew I had to have it. After shopping around for a while, I ended up at (surprise, surprise) EightVape, since they had the best price (extra sweet as this isn't a pricey mod to begin with) and I didn't want to wait a month. I also picked up the Geekvape Aegis, which had just come out at the time--more on that later.

After taking the mod in hand for the first time, I realized that its alluring design also contributes to a ridiculously ergonomic vaping experience. Lazy vapers (me again) will relish the ability to carelessly pick the device up in any [upright] orientation and fire it up by simply squeezing. I know that it sounds like I'm exagerrating this point, but it really does make a huge difference, trust me. Also trust that I'm intensely lazy.

Unfortunately, we all know that looks fade. This device is most definitely not an exception--although I do accept at least part of the blame. As with most of my handheld devices, the Sinuous has gleefully found its way to the pavement from approximately waist-level several times. That might explain some of the initial chipping of the paint.

But it doesn't explain the splotchy patchwork of peeling paint that's overrun the entire body. And it definitely doesn't explain the peeling of whatever glossy material was layered over the display. Although, once the paint does start to chip, it comes off fairly easily, revealing the bare metal frame underneath--perfect for some creative customization. The same goes for the glossy layer over the display, which has remained completely readable after I scratched the rest of the layer off.

More importantly, the mod still functioned perfectly. Well, actually, it'd be more accurate to say that it still functioned as it always had. And therein lies my only real complaint, though it is a somewhat serious one. The Sinuous offers plenty of options and different functions--quick charging, different LED firing colors, preheating, several output modes (VW/Bypass/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR), and more.

It's so close, almost perfect...But as reported by several users, it has a tendency to drop out of TC mode and into VW mode (though this isn't exclusive to Wismec devices, this is a common complaint of many brands). Locking the resistance is a hit-or-miss solution, and I can't figure out what the offending variable is. Luckily, there is a workaround--though I don't recommend it for everyone. Replacing the firmware with Arctic Fox ( fixes the issue and also opens up a lot of really awesome features.

So was the love affair over? Remember that I mentioned that I got the Geekvape Aegis at the same time (along with a Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus 30mm RDTA, which is really nice). Anyway, I thought that I'd end up using Geekvape Aegis more, especially when going out because my fingers turn into buttery sausages whenever they come into contact with expensive electronic devices. Turns out, I've been vaping with the Sinuous probably 75% of the time, in or out of the house.

An extremely portable form factor, ease of use, and brilliant design all make the Sinuous irresistible, even though the TC mode issue was driving me insane at the time. The only thing left to do now is to wait for the 21700 cell version. (Wismec: do not fail me.)

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