Your New Mod Based on This Weeks Horoscope


This week we are bringing back the horoscope readings with a new twist. This time around we are reading your horoscope for the entire week, and recommending a mod or pod to suit the needs and vibes you'll be encountering in the upcoming days. So sit back, find your sign, and let's start our reading.


Be sure to give your family and close friends a call or visit by the end of the week. You're gonna need it and want it. The comfort of easy laid back personal time will be a treat compared to a high energy week. From Monday to Wednesday expect a slow steady pace around you, but a lot of things cooking inside. Come Thursday and Friday, those ideas and potential energy will be put to good use. Collaborate with others and let your voice be heard. You know you have a lot of charm and it will be useful to share it. Communication is key.

Your mod should be the the MOJO

A slender device is perfect for busy weekdays and for laid back weekends. Great flavors, no buttons, no hassle, and just toss it when you're done. It's the perfect companion for you this week.



If you're feeling like you need into action right at the start of the week, don't worry. Go about your usual pattern and come later this week that action you're feeling will be evenly dispersed and your goals will be accomplished in much more fulfilling ways. Focus on short term schedules and details. And try to save some money this weekend. The weeks in the near future will thank you.

You need The Joyetech Atopak Penguin Kit

A small and inexpensive device to save you cash for your days ahead when it will be worth your while to spend a bit more on something you need or want badly. 



Friends and even co workers and peers are going to be of good use to you this week. Monday your good instincts will reward you. You may even consider it a stroke of good luck. Thursday and Friday won't be the best days for plans following through all the way. So revel in conversation and good guidance in the early days of the week so you aren't stuck feeling regretful this week.

For this, we recommend the EHPro Artery PAL AIO Kit.

This is a conversation stater, which is what you're going to need at the beginning of the week. It's also an easy to use, long lasting, powerful device to get you through the end of your week.



You're mind is working! You may notice this on Monday, your typical Monday blues are gone and your day is going by fast as you're keeping busy and productive. This mental clarity and energy will put your charm into high gear. Use that boost in charisma to socialize and engage in commercial or creative activities and projects to keep the momentum going.

The mod for you this week will be the Aleader Orbit 100W Kit

A stylish and creative mod with a lot of power, matches your vibe this week huh? Slender yet strong to give you portability while you keep busy.



This is a good week to start something new, satisfy your curiosities, and learn something. Unexpected challenges to your opinions will encourage you to research and ask questions. By the end of the week you may notice a boost in ego as the lively Mercury moves into Libra on Thursday. And as it angles into Saturn on Saturday you may want to consider avoiding all possible conflicts that could come from this shift.

Your mod should be the Vaporesso Target mini. It's a powerful looking device, similar to how you will feel this week, yet small, which may help you keep your ego in balance.



This week you'll find dramatic renewal in your sense of purpose. Pause and reflect on past accomplishments and look forward to recreating those in the future. This could involve travel to expand on these highways you have built in your mind. Your intellect and careful consideration will come into play, but when handling pesky situations make sure you communicate effectively with others and yourself. This week is also a good time to tap into your feminine side and spend time with others with a strong feminine energy.

You should grab the VooPoo Too starter kit.


It's a strong mod at 180W and a boxy appearance, perfect for displaying your strength. But the gorgeous reflective patterns and design will remind you t be outwardly gentle, bright, and feel pretty. 



Monday gives you interesting choices you'll have to make in work and even romance. It will be a choice that requires you to internally battle your selfishness and selflessness, which we know you have a lot of both. It can be conflicting but you'll have to use the rest of the week to come to terms with your decison and make peace. Don't be alone on Thursday and Friday. You'll need support, fun, and love these days to keep your mind off of your mind. Don't over think. Keep your head down and do what you need to do. 


You'll need the SMOK X-Priv Baby 80W Kit.

A simple and reliable mod, always there when you need it, and ready to satisfy any of your picky needs with its fine-tuned customization made easy on the large high definition screen.



This week will start with conflict unfortunately. People won't share your point of view and you may butt heads. A little selflessness and understanding will do you a lot of favors in this time. Until Wednesday you may feel at odds with the ideas and agendas of others. But by the end of the week you will come to realize the competitive ways of thinking you may have had with others can come to a compromise. Come Friday you'll find that the devil is in the details. Keep your eyes open and once you realize what is lurking, you must just go with the flow. This weekend, surrender your urge for control.


The perfect mod for you this week will be the Suorin Air V2

An easy and portable device for you is key this week. Also a little extra nicotine may do you a bit of good when you finally get to relax in the evening.



This is going to be a productive week. A lot of ideas and a lot of acting on them. You'll be left with a cheery disposition and the ability to juggle multiple tasks by Wednesday. So when it comes to Thursday and Friday, don't sweat the small stuff. Don't be upset if your low energy doesn't match that of the beginning of the week. Use words more so than actions to get things done this weekend. And don't be discouraged by difficult questions.


This week you may find yourself drawn to the VooPoo Drag.

You're curious about the hype of this mod and this week is all about you feeling satisfied. So satisfy your curiosity about this beautiful mod. Even if box mods aren't your thing, you're finding your energy is calling you to break the mold in a few ways.



Your priority is family this week. You'll find yourself thinking of your own legacy on Monday, the future of your family and how you come into play. Wednesday evening will bring you a spike in creative energy. And Thursday and Friday will give you time to clear your thoughts to look at things from a wider perspective. This weekend, be open to criticism. You're confident enough to take it with wisdom and encouragement.

The device for you this week is the Suorin Drop.


An easy to use portable system will do you well on long contemplative drives, and late night creative sessions alone, and weekends with friends amid deep conversation. The draw activation will give you a great amount of ease to keep you focused on the moment.



This is an electric week! Monday you will make amazing discoveries and put that inspiration from them into actions. You're preoccupied by intriguing thoughts easily, but this week will prove those intriguing thoughts and mental itches have a purpose. But prepare for those thoughts to come to a mild halt as romantic endeavors take place in your heart around Thursday and Friday. While this will be a nice distraction from the racing thoughts, you'll be pleased to find that part of this romance involves intellectual connections and perhaps some thoughtful flirtation. 


The mod of the week for you is the Dovpo M VV 280W Box Mod.

Its power matches yours and its looks give you that stimulation you crave.



This is the week of mystery. Monday you will face riddles and puzzles in things and areas you don't typically expect them to be. Throughout the rest of the week don't let any one thing nail you down. Keep your options open. The world is your stage and the end of the week is the time for you to put on a variety show. 

The perfect mod for this will be the Airistech Tick Kit

This is a fun alternative devices isn't confined to any one use, just like you. For dry herbal use or oil concentrate. Have fun filling any need you may have.

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