Why are People Vaping 0% (0mg) Nicotine Free Disposable Vapes?


Nowadays, there are many different vapes coming out all at once, it's hard to keep up. The newest craze is nicotine free disposable vapes and it's growing in popularity really quickly. 

Why are People Vaping Nicotine Free Disposable Vapes?

The biggest question we get about single use vape pen are vapers asking "Why are people vaping disposables vapes with no nicotine?". There are multiple reasons for this but these are not all of the reasons. Some people may have personal reasons for vaping these.

Help Quit Smoking

People who are trying to quit smoking will try almost anything under the sun to succeed since it's so hard. Some people start vaping at higher nicotine levels and then slowly cut back. Vaping a 0% disposable can help when you're still craving smoke/vapor but don't want to take in any nicotine.

Another great idea is to help reduce your consumption of nicotine by switching out from 0% disposables to nicotine disposables.

Enjoy Vaping

While some people are looking to quit, others enjoy vapes and everything they offer. Some people like the act of vaping while others like the flavors they contain.

Oral Fixation

Many people have oral fixations so they suck on a straw or put a toothpick in their mouth. Vaping helps people with oral fixation because of the motion of vaping and putting the mouthpiece in your mouth. If you're one of these people, try to find a single use vape pen with a rubber tip.

Why Do Vapers Want 0% Nicotine?

Often vapers tend to go for disposables which have no nicotine in them and there are many reasons they prefer that. One important thing to consider is that every vaper might not be a smoker at all.

There are some non-smokers who vape as well, and they prefer the nicotine free vape because it prevents them from developing any dependence to nicotine.

Another surprising reason why people often prefer the nicotine free single use vapes is that it helps them satisfy their sweet tooth.

People cutting back on sweets, whether it be due to medical or weight loss reasons, often vape in order to reduce snack consumption.

When consuming any product with nicotine content, they tend to provide a hit to the neck, known as a throat hit, and is considered to be rather rough. However, the non nicotine vapes are much smoother due to the absence of any nicotine content.

Nicotine Free Flavors

There is just as much variety of flavors when it comes to the zero nicotine disposable vape, as compared to that of which contain nicotine content, due to the popularity of vapes with no nicotine content.

In addition to that, another advantage which nicotine flavors posses is that, they are almost always available on sale due to their availability in almost every vape shop.

What's Inside a Disposable Vape without Nicotine?

A non-nicotine disposable vape contains just about everything a regular vape has except the nicotine. Majority of these contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring.


Helps Wean off Nicotine

What is weaning off? Well, weaning off means making an effort to detach from something an individual has become increasingly dependent to which, in this case, would be nicotine. It is very easy to get addicted to nicotine and starting to become dependent on it to function properly.

If someone is planning to wean off of nicotine, switching over to disposable vapes with no nicotine is a great option to switch to, as it can help you cut back and gradually wean off of nicotine.


Not the Same Throat Hit

There may be pros to the no nicotine disposable vape, but there are cons to this as well. Due to the lack of nicotine, the non nicotine vapes do not offer any throat hit which a person switching over from smoking or vaping might normally be accustomed to.

Although some of the no nicotine disposable vapes do offer a throat hit, it can often be unsatisfactory and underwhelming.


Does It Feel the Same As Vaping With Nicotine?

Vaping with nicotine versus vaping without nicotine feel different from each other, primarily due to the lack of chemicals in the latter option.

It feels different because, due to the absence of any nicotine, there is no presence of any roughness on the throat, making the nicotine free vape device much smoother.

In addition to that, the ingredients in e-liquids without nicotine is said to be made from food-grade ingredients, which are not toxic at all, which means a flavor spill is not a health hazard.

Is 0% and 0mg the Same As Nicotine Free?

Having 0% nicotine and saying that a nicotine flavor or a vaping device contains essentially the same thing. It means that the flavor being offered is considered to be at a nicotine free level, containing no nicotine content at all.

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