TeslaCigs P226 Military Style Review, An Exercise in Futility


TeslaCigs P226 Military Style Review, An Exercise in Futility 

I think if you’ve read a few of these reviews by now, you know I’m more than fair when it comes to vaping technology being less than perfect. But this review is not going to be one of those. When I first got the Teslacigs P226 Military Kit I was impressed by the design and rugged build, but that impression quickly turned to disappointment when I actually tried to vape the device.

The Looks


So I’ll give it to Teslacigs, they actually really nailed the look of a rugged device. In fact, with an olive green or maybe a camo color scheme these vape kits would look right at home sticking out of a bulletproof vest next to some mags. It definitely feels like a sturdy piece of kit with its full metal chassis and military insignia on the side panels.

The display screen is spartan to match the design theme. All of your vaping info is displayed here on a crisp LED screen. Unfortunately, that's about where I run out of positives to talk about with the P226.   

How it Works

Long story short, it doesn't. I put this piece of kit together with some fresh batteries and new juice, set the wattage to a nice 70W to test the 0.8Ω coil, and fired away only to get a big mouthful of burnt cotton taste. I don’t know how it happened, because I primed the tank and let it sit for about 10 min before my first puff, but I figured it just needs more time to sit and let it be. 

After another 30 min or so I picked the P226 up for another test run and got nothing. No clouds, no pop, not even a tiny sizzle. At this point, it’s still spitting out an error code saying no atomizer detected, and I’m not about to test another tank on it to see if it blows the coil out on that too. 

Here’s the thing, even if it did work right out of the gate I’d still have my reservations about a device like this. I’m all for a durable device, but this kit doesn’t even boast tested shock or dust protection like the GeekVape Aegis series. For my money, if a device weighs as much as the Teslacigs P226, it had better be able to take a drop or two with zero issues. This thing couldn’t even fire properly under test circumstances, I wouldn’t want to rely on something like that in an everyday usage scenario. 

The Verdict

Welp given the fact that it broke after 1 test fire I’m gonna have to give the Tesla P226 Military Style Kit a dishonorable discharge and recommend you guys pass on buying. While it’s entirely true that I might’ve gotten a bad mod or tank, I can’t pass that risk onto a paying customer. If you're looking for a 200W device that can take some punishment AND work properly, check out the GeekVape Aegis X instead!

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