JustFog MiniFit Review, A Perfect Fit for Mini Vape Fans


JustFog MiniFit Review, A Perfect Fit for Mini Vape Fans

When I first got my hands on the JustFog MiniFit I was absolutely astounded at just how small the device was. I’ve had quite a few miniature vape devices cross my desk in the past month or two, but this MiniFit is in a category of its own when it comes to size. I wouldn’t be surprised if this device sparks a whole slew of copycat products because it's just so convenient. I mean we’re talking about a device that’s about the same size as my thumb, measuring less than 3 inches long and only about ¾ of an inch wide. 

But I know the question you’re really asking, with a pod that tiny how could it possibly be a decent vape? Well, you’ll have to read on to find the answer! 

The Looks

I really love the look of the graffiti designs that Justfog came out with recently. I got a few samples sent to me and from the ones that I’ve handed out to people I’ve heard nothing but good things about the colors. The size of the device is practically microscopic when compared to the rest of the vape devices out there. I found myself taking this vape device everywhere and not even having to worry about vaping discreetly in public because it’s so small. 

Those graffiti designs go a long way towards making this a more interesting device in my opinion. But still, since this is a device that's designed with function in mind rather than looks, I wouldn't worry too much about it. 


How it Works   

Here’s the thing about the JustFog MiniFit that’s going to help you figure out what you need it for, it’s there when you need it. I really think that JustFog went into manufacturing the MiniFit with the express notion of making a backup device for vapers. 

I mean think about it, who would expect a veteran vaper to buy a tiny device like the MiniFit and be happy with the performance? As far as pod devices go the cloud volume it produces is decent, and the flavor is pretty much in the same basket. It’s not going to wow you with flavor or cloud size, and it's not going to last you for 3 days in-between battery changes.

But with its small size and reliable button operation, you can count on the MiniFit when your other devices fail. 


The Verdict 

Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than being out on the town and having your vape battery die on you. That’s why I say every vaper worth their salt should pick up a JustFog MiniFit, it’s the perfect backup device to slip into a pocket and forget about until you need it. 

It may be small, but it still gets the job done in a pinch!

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