St. Patrick's Day "Share The Luck" Contest Winners


Eight Vape’s “Share The Luck” St. Patrick’s Day Contest

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to get out in the world with a positive attitude and hope some of that Irish luck rubs off on you. But this year here in the Eight Vape Community, we want to spread that luck around and share it with for fellow Eight Vapers.

So for this months contest we challenged you all to write an Irish Blessing to bestow upon your fellow vapers. And keeping with the theme of sharing the luck there are no 1st 2nd or 3rd place winners, rather one 1st place winner in one of three categories, each category winner will split the pot of gold and receive $50 in Eight Vape cash each!

And the winners are...



Robert R.

May your tanks stay full and your bottles never empty so that the journey of life brings you peace, happiness, and serenity.

May your wicks stay wet and your juice be plenty so you can enjoy the company of friends and life long prosperity.

May your flavors be strong and batteries charged fully so you can spread the joy of vaping to your friends and family.




James N.

Oh lord, while it’s been said that the Irish ignore anything they can’t drink or punch, vaping is truly helping those who are searching for a way to drop their pack of cigarettes.  So now that we don’t smell like the ass end of a leprechaun our wives and girlfriends want to spend more time with, oh lord help me if they ever meet.


Nicole A.

May your days be filled with heath and happiness

May you find love instead of strife 

May you take that giant leap kicking those bad habits 

May you find switching to vaping can save your life. 

May the sun warm your skin and the wind blow through your hair 

May discovering Eightvape’s quality products and excellent customer service show you they genuinely care.



Thank you to everyone who entered. These were not easy choices to make as there is so much love and talent in the Eight Vape community! Read all the entries HERE and as always... Happy Vaping and may the luck of the Irish be with ye!


  • Posted on by Kelly Weed

    Congratulations to the lucky winners! And thank you Eightvape for these themed monthly contests! They are quite fun to participate it, and I love seeing all the entries.

  • Posted on by Kelly Weed

    🍀🍀 🍀 Congratulations to the three lucky winners! 🍀🍀🍀 And thank you
    🎱vape for these themed monthly contests! They are quite fun to participate in, and I love that we get to see all the entries.

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