Shifting Paradigms and the Popularization of the Compact Mod

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2018 may be the year in which the longstanding box mod finally dies. With the popularization of ultra-compact devices, such as the Kado Stealth and Rolo Badge, fashion designs within the industry have taken a drastic turn.

If you look around, you will notice shifting paradigms taking place inside market sensibilities. Namely, that it is no longer charming to pull out a brick from your pocket and start cloud chasing to the sound of a high-powered whine. Before, right around the turn of 2013, it was. Exceptional engineering was housed in the chassis of ultra-thick and durable box mods, some of which required three or more batteries to operate. The box mod's large deportment gave off an energy that communicated strength and inside knowledge of the vaping industry at the time. It was techie. It looked like a serious, expensive machine. And that was attractive — not only to inside vapers, but to onlookers and passive spectators as well. 

But now, with the succession of the year 2017, things are beginning to change. Sleek devices that fit comfortably in the user's hand and that are nearly invisible when brought to the mouth are becoming increasingly commonplace in every city across America. Vaping fashion has elected to throw off the mark of big and boisterous box mods, and champion the minimal instead. According to contemporary opinion, what's hidden looks better.

In that vein, I'd like to shift focus to a product, one that carries the same power and facilitation as regular box mods, but without the overbearing weight and large parameters that make them so vulgar today: VooPoo's latest design, the MOJO

A vaping industry staple and high-quality house-hold name, VooPoo Technologies released the MOJO last month to world-wide uproar and popular reception. It has been my fortunate privilege to test this device and share with you its features.

But first, pictures: 

It may be difficult to tell from the display, but the MOJO's most prominent feature is its exceptionally compact size. With parameters of 82 x 27.5 x 38mm and a built-in 2600mAh micro USB-rechargeable battery, the MOJO is thinner in width and smaller in length than any box mod ever made. The circular buttons on the side provide toggle operations and an incognito fire button that features convenient instant-fire capabilities. The MOJO displays no wasted space, and its compact design is the product of minimalistic engineering. 

Most notable in such a compact device is the MOJO's output of power. Many box mods that house lithium 18650 batteries max out at a wattage of 80W, but the MOJO can hit 88W. The internal battery, at 2600mAh, is one of the most powerful internal sets I've ever seen, and neither cloud nor flavor production have been compromised by the MOJO's modest styling. 

The UFORCE Sub-Ohm tank, included with the MOJO Kit, provides superb airflow optimization, on par with the SMOKTech Cloud Beast or Prince, and features three, fully-adjustable air slot holes. With O-Rings that reconcile with the MOJO's bold coloring, the combination of these two products makes for an exceptionally handsome machine — one that catches the eye just by sitting on the table. 

But what are my thoughts?

Well, my thoughts are that we'll see more of these. Instead of ultra-portable devices that require Pod insertions and other cartridges, compact mods with high-power capabilites will take over the market. These mods will have the same functionality and airflow engineering as the now primordial box mod, but will feature a sleekness and modesty in style that droves of people desire to see. 

The MOJO itself, and especially the UFORCE tank, are poised to be the forerunners of this shift. The bold coloring (another changing paradigm in the industry), the compact size, and the elegant engineering are staples of this soon-to-be standard. I recommend without hesitation that anyone looking to upgrade buy this fashion-forward kit. (I got one for free, so if you look around, you might see me on the corner, in sunglasses and hungover, vaping away). 

Thanks for reading. 

Justin Troyer
Head of Content Development
Eightcig LLC

Purchase the VooPoo MOJO for an exclusively discounted price HERE.



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    I don’t mind a good, durable, long lasting pod (open or closed) based system, but I still prefer the big old mod. Single or dual battery. Even built in.

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