New Study Shows Vaping Lowers Blood Pressure in Smokers


New Study Shows Vaping Lowers Blood Pressure in Smokers

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A recent study led by Dr. Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania took a group of smokers, people who vape, and smokers converting to vaping and discovered a strong correlation between the introduction of vaping and a decrease in smoker’s overall blood pressure.

If Dr. Riccardo Polosa’s name looks familiar it's for good reason, he led a study not too long ago which discovered that switching from vaping to smoking reversed the damage caused by smoking in asthmatic patients. His research is crucial to educating the world about the benefits of vaping vs. smoking and this latest study is no different.

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The study monitored 211 patients over the course of 1 year and discovered that the smokers included in the study who switched to vaping saw a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure.  

“In conclusion, smokers who reduce or quit smoking by switching to e-cigarettes may lower their systolic BP in the long term, and this reduction is apparent in smokers with elevated BP. The current study adds to the evidence that quitting smoking with the use of e-cigarettes does not lead to higher BP values, and this is independently observed whether e-cigarettes are regularly used or not."

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During the course of this study the researchers also discovered that users who were only using vape devices saw no increase in blood pressure over the 12 month course of this study.  

“Participants who were not previously diagnosed with high blood pressure were still symptom-free after 12-months of regular vaping.”

The results are clear and unambiguous, smokers who switch to vaping WILL see a reduction in blood pressure and hypertension. As more and more of these studies show the truth about vaping vs. smoking you have to wonder, why are we still seeing opposition towards electronic nicotine delivery systems from major health organizations?

Could it be that these organizations have a monetary incentive to keep people using traditional tobacco products? Perhaps Big Tobacco is finally noticing how many people are cured of cigarette addiction by vaping and decided they need to throw some resources into research organizations against E-Cigs to keep their companies alive?  

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We all already know that vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking, the only people who seem to be against educating the public about vaping facts are the ones who stand to make the most profit from smokers continuing to use traditional tobacco products. How much longer will regulatory organizations continue to take lobbying money (bribes) from Big Tobacco to curb vaping before the public realizes they’ve been more concerned with making money than improving people's health?


  • Posted on by The Specialist

    I for one would love to say this… I’ve been off smoking for 3 years, i can breath better, smell things more then ever, and taste the food and how well it was made… everything… Going from a ciggs for years and chew, to vape. has changed a lot for me. hopefully ppl will realize the benefits of it… just make sure when you decide to quit, get a high nic lvl. like 18mg or 20. and you’ll do fine…

  • Posted on by Rebecca Merritt

    Big Tobacco needs to up their game in the e-cig market & quit fighting the inevitable. More & more people are recognizing the benefits of switching at least to wean themselves off easier. I did this and became a non smoker for for about 2 years after vaping since 2010. I’m back due to some unrelated stressful health challenges. (And glad to find the changes & improvements in subohm atomizers among other technology)
    However, I’m dismayed and aggravated at the attack on vaping. Is ridiculous.
    Every one of us needs to ban together and show our full force and numbers.
    I’m angry every single day at the anti-vaping legislation and increased tegulations that go too far. It’s enough already
    Guess I’ve ranted enough too. Thanks for allowing me to vent. 🙂

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