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ANNOUNCING: EightVape's Vape Art Contest

Justin D. Troyer

Posted on September 14 2018

ANNOUNCING: EightVape's Vape Art Contest

This month, EightVape announces a new community contest called the Vape Art Battle Royale!

Participants will go head-to-head to compete for the top three grand prizes:

  • 1st place will receive $88.88 in store credit. 
  • 2nd place will receive $48.88 in store credit.
  • 3rd place will receive $18.88 in store credit. 


The Rules:

  1. Submissions must be in the form of visual art, but specifics are not limited! Your submissions can be drawings, paintings, sketches, digital art, watercolor, whatever! 
  2. Subject matter must feature or reference vaping
  3. Submissions must be emailed to
  4. Top submissions will be polled on our social media to decide the winners.  


This is a chance for you to get creative with any kind of vaping content you choose!

Create something that's badass, funny, poignant, and compete for the chance to get featured on our social media (as well as win a grand prize). 

All submissions will be accepted, as long as they feature or reference vaping! 

Good luck! 

*if a community member gets the EightVape logo tattooed on their body, that person will receive $88.88 in store credit (will not affect the contest or grand prizes). First person to do this wins the store credit.  


  • I'm in,can't wait ,thanks for this awsome contest 8Vape!!: September 15, 2018

    Great contest

  • Z.: September 15, 2018

    most dope

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