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Sub-Ohm Vaping

You may have heard of this term a time or two if you vape,  or if you’ve spent time watching videos about vaping online. This specific type of vaping is gaining more popularity as this industry has a whole continues gaining momentum. Since its inception, people have always wanted to blow the biggest clouds and get the strongest nicotine hit. As a result, sub-ohm vaping was born.

By having a non-variable battery, like in a mechanical mod, reducing the resistance increases the overall power output. Basically, as the resistance of a coil is reduced, it heats quicker and results in bigger vapor production, more nicotine per hit, and a larger burst of flavor.

Generally speaking, sub-ohm vaping refers to when the resistance of the coil is reduced below 1 ohm. The vapor production is drastically increased, and that means a bigger hit.

How Do I Vape Sub-ohm?

The classic method of obtaining sub-ohm hits is to use a rebuildable dripping atomizer. This is an atomizer where the coil is built directly on the deck, and the e-liquid is applied directly to a wicking material every few hits.

To build this, it’s simply a matter of how you build the coil. By keeping the overall resistance of the build below 1 ohm, you’ll be able to experience sub ohm vaping right away.

Rebuildable tank atomizers have been gaining popularity as of late. These atomizers use a tank and have a deck to build customer coils. The real advantage here is the liquid capacity, but otherwise, sub-ohm building is nearly identical with this kind of atomizer.

Lastly are sub-ohm clearomizers. These atomizers are using pre-built disposable coils that are switched at will. The advantage with a sub-ohm tank is that you don't need to build the coil yourself; you simply purchase the coil with a resistance you’re seeking. 

Should I Be Doing It?

Is sub-ohm vaping the right choice for you? It's up to personal preference. To determine this, it's best to look at the pros and cons.

Some of the benefits of sub-ohm vaping are an increased vapor production, more flavor, and a stronger nicotine hit. Some of the drawbacks are a reduced battery life, and rapid consumption of e-liquid.

Really, if you’re searching for the next level of flavor or a bigger cloud, and you don't mind the shorter battery life, or using vape juice rapidly, then sub-ohm vaping is definitely the route to take. If you aren't really searching for clouds and flavor, or you aren't really willing to make the sacrifices of battery life or juice usage, it may be best to stick with a resistance of 1 ohm or greater.

At the end of the day, sub-ohm vaping can be an amazing way to gain cloud production and flavor; so if those are your goals, make sure to give it a try!

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