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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What are Vape Pods? A Guide to Pod Systems

Kimberly Lewis

Posted on March 05 2018

Vape Pod systems have been gaining popularity over recent months. Even if you have not tried one i’m sure you have heard about vape pods. But you might still be asking “ What is a Pod system, and how is it different?” A Pod system is the middle ground between your starter e-cig and the more advanced vape mods. Vape Pod systems allow you to enjoy fresh e-liquid without all the complications of the more advanced box mod systems, which can be intimidating and confusing for some new vapers. Pod systems came from the idea that you could have a device with its own refills specific for that device. The refills are basically small bottles of eLiquid that you just pop into your device. Thus eliminating the need for bottles of juice taking up space in your closet, purse,  desk  or wherever you store all those necessary bottles.

There are several benefits to vape pods systems, portability and ease of use are just among a few.  These new style of vape devices streamline the vaping experience. Making it more user friendly for new vapers while giving seasoned vapers a convenient on the go device. Here at EightVape we carry many of the popular vape pod systems for vapers or smokers looking for an alternative.


The Suorin Air 1 is an ultra portable Card Style Pod system . But don’t let all those words confuse you . The Suorin Air 1  is super portable, easily fitting into your purse or pocket for on the go vaping. Discreet and convenient with good vapor production and full flavor. It utilizes a refillable cartridge system allowing you to use any juice you like. It has a 400mah rechargeable battery  and uses a draw activated firing system . Just breathe in and it works!! Like magic. Just technologically advanced magic.

Suorin Air 1 Pod System


PHIX Pod System by Major League Vapors

The Phix Pod system was designed by Major League Vapers, a company that has been involved with vaping in manufacturing and development since 2010. The created one of the first all in one closed pod systems. Designed with a 280mah rechargeable battery that can be charged via usb. The stand out to this device beyond its portability and is it ease of use, is the pods themselves, which come in a variety of flavors to spice up your vapelyfe. Filled with flavors crafted by Brewell MFC, all juice is proprietary and specially formulated for this device. Just pop a new one in, no need to fill or drip using this system.Phix Pod System by Major League Vapors

Wehe Compak Starter Kit

The WeHe Compak Starter Kit was created as a simple discreet vape device with a  refillable cartridge system. With an 1100mAh built in rechargeable battery, the Compak Starter kit is perfect all day vape for an on the go modern lifestyle. The refillable cartridge has a capacity  of up to 2mls, offering convenience and portability for those that want a simple pod style vape system. Not to mention, you get to use your own eLiquid with the simple refillable cartridge.


LMC Limitless Pulse Kit

The Pulse Pod System Vape Limitless Mod Co was co designed by Asher Dynamics, and manufactured overseas by PLY Rock. The Pulse is a 2mL pod system that uses a 380mah internal rechargeable battery.  LMC Pulse Vape Pen is an intuitive draw activated firing mechanism  that comes fully loaded with everything you need to start vaping. Included is the Pulse Vape Pen, 2 refillable pods, and a USB charger. The Pulse was designed to be a slim, compact pod system that offers refillable pods.Limitless Mod Co and Ply Rock's Pulse Refillable Pod System is perfect for users looking for ultra compact systems with snazzy changeable LED light system.Limitless Pulse Pod System

Joyetech Atopak Penguin and Atopak Penguin SE

When the Joyetech Penguin device hit the shelve, it became in instant favorite among vapers both new and old for its design and performance. Inspired by the sturdy Arctic Penguin, Joyetech created a unique vaping device when they created the Penguin Atopack AIO. The Penguin utilizes a sleek unique design that feels ergonomic and smooth in your hand. With a 2000mAh battery capacity and a large 8.8mL, the Penguin is the largest device on our list.  The Penguin uses a unique coil with a ceramic cradle. The Penguin two coils allows you to bring out the flavor and caters to both new and experienced vapers. There are many vibrant colors to choose from with the Penguin, making this a perfect device for any vaper out there. Joyetech Atopak Penguin Pod System


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