• #WeVapeWeVote: Helen M.

    #WeVapeWeVote: Helen M.
    From Helen M.:   There are millions of ex smokers who have successfully quit smoking with the aid of e-cigarettes. Most of us get our vaping supplies from mail order. I’m 65 and I still have to confirm my age at ALL the mail order sites before I can purchase. Mail order sites are more cost effective...
  • #WeVapeWeVote: Nichole C.

    #WeVapeWeVote: Nichole C.
    From Nichole C.:   I can't believe this! This will be a terrible move. Not only have adults had to struggle to get vape juice with the van in place now, we will have no freedom to choose. This would be against our rights. I was a smoker from 6th grade on, and I am just turning...
  • #WeVapeWeVote: Wesley C.

    #WeVapeWeVote: Wesley C.
    From Wesley C.:   Firstly, I feel if they want to ban vaping, and all things considered with vaping—or anything at all having to do with vaping—they must ban all tobacco products at the same time, and all alcohol products as well. Seeing as minors smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, and alcohol has flavors catering to minors,...
  • #WeVapeWeVote: Richard L.

    #WeVapeWeVote: Richard L.
    From Richard L.:   Don't ban vaping; its healthier than smoking. If I can't vape, I'll be an extreme drinker. Vaping helps me when I'm stressed out. Since I stopped smoking, I rarely get sick now. The issue with minors vaping isn't buying online, its vape shops not checking ID's and just making a sale to a minor....
  • #WeVapeWeVote: Mickey M.

    #WeVapeWeVote: Mickey M.
    From Mickey M.:   Please don’t stop vaping; we need it. It’s better then smoking. I don’t want to smoke anymore; this takes its place—so keep it going, for the best of all of us.
  • #WeVapeWeVote: Ai R.

    #WeVapeWeVote: Ai R.
    From Ai R.:   By banning vaping technology and its sale and postal shipment, another tobacco alternative is eliminated. Another means of mental health support is eliminated. Another freedom of the people is eliminated. Living in this overbearing paternity referred to as a democratic republic is bad enough without having our access to stress management revoked. Let...
  • #WeVapeWeVote: Chad R.

    #WeVapeWeVote: Chad R.
    From Chad R.:   I truly feel RJ Reynolds, Phillip Morris and others played a massive role in my being addicted to cigarettes from age 9, there are more but these were the most aggressive pro tobacco ads I was inundated with everyday. On my way to school, I would stop at the Stop N Go in Fresno,...
  • #WeVapeWeVote: Brandy H.

    #WeVapeWeVote: Brandy H.
    From Brandy H.:   I was a longtime cigarette smoker, and if it hadn't been for vaping, I'd probably be dead from cancer; or dying from it. I live in a very rural area with not a lot of access to vape shops. We have one in town but they don't carry what I need. It's impossible to...
  • #WeVapeWeVote: Michael D.

    #WeVapeWeVote: Michael D.
    From Michael D.: Dear senators and other government regulators/lawmakers,   I am a 33 year old father of 2 young daughters, a land & home owner, an honorable hardworking man who earns his way and pays his taxes. I understand the need to "protect" the young generations from nicotine, I want to protect my kids from habit-forming...
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