At The Tender Age Of 6, I Stole A Cigarette



At The Tender Age Of 6, I Stole A Cigarette


At The Tender Age Of 6, I Stole A Cigarette

Watching my mother and father smoke as a kid of course got my curiosity going. At the tender age of 6, I stole a cigarette, "NASTY!!," was the only thing that came to my mind.  Even though I tried and thought how gross it tasted, at the age of 12, I tried again.. man I thought I was sooo cool, sneaking out of the house and smoking with my friends. Cigarettes were like .35 cents a pack, so I would collect my change and go buy some.

The "coolness" factor and feeling like I was grown up contributed to my being hooked. For 30 years after this point, I still smoked, all through my pregnancies, through it all. I tried patches, blah blah.. this and that, I could not stop, I'd wake up coughing, and my grandmother died of lung cancer.. still I smoked.  

One of my online buddies, while playing some game told me about e-cigs. I had no clue!! This was well before they were heard of really, and things were pretty expensive and mostly sticks were available, the EVO, etc.  

But thanks to him, I decided "I am doing this," and bought my first stick. It had a 810 connector, and was 60 bucks and it came with some odd atomizer.  But you know what?? It WORKED! Within a couple of weeks, I didn't buy any cigarettes, figured.. I was done. I have never looked back.

In fact.. I tried a smoke not that long ago and can't believe I would go through 40+ a day of those nasty gross smelly things. I no longer smell, or taste like an ash tray. It has been over 8 years, and things in the vaping world have improved, and plenty of changes, which I am even more happy about.. I think I'm a collector of mods, a horrible addiction! That being said, I'd rather have that addiction than the one I had.

I now make my own juice, coils.. you name it. I enjoy vaping, I can't say I ever enjoyed smoking. I've turned many people on to vaping that have smoked, I rave about it. I know it isn't the same as not smoking, but I don't cough anymore, my lungs are pretty much healed now according to the doctor. I'm happy!!  


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