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"Storm Blooded" Disposable Bundle

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"Storm Blooded" Storm Chaser Disposable Bundle

If you're after a new flavor but can't find the ONE, then boy, do we have a bundle for you! Check out the Storm Blooded Storm Chaser Disposable Bundle! The Storm Blooded Bundle comes with TEN different disposables to aid in finding your next ADV!

Packed into this bundle are TWO Storm Chaser Mochis, one in Mango Ice & one Strawberry Banana, SIX Storm Chaser Novas, two Peach Ice, one Strawberry Yogurt, Blueberry Raspberry Lemon, Strawberry Banana, & Passion Fruit Mango, PLUS TWO Storm Chaser Venus', one in Shake Shake & another in Mango Guava Ice! With ALL these flavors, you're SURE to find the blend for YOU!

Bonus, the Storm Blooded Bundle ships in our gorgeous EV-branded Christmas box! You won't want to sleep on this bundle; it WON'T last long as stock is limited to JUST 20



"Storm Blooded" Disposable Bundle Includes: 

1x Storm Chaser Mochi - Mango Ice

1x Storm Chaser Mochi - Strawberry Banana

2x Storm Chaser Nova - Peach Ice

1x Storm Chaser Nova - Strawberry Yogurt

1x Storm Chaser Nova - Blueberry Raspberry Lemon

1x Storm Chaser Nova - Strawberry Banana

1x Storm Chaser Nova - Passion Fruit Mango

1x Storm Chaser Venus - Shake Shake

1x Storm Chaser Venus - Mango Guava Ice

+ Shipped in EV-Branded Christmas Box


(Standard Retail Price: $96.65 / Savings of $17.77!)

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"Storm Blooded" Disposable Bundle
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