Hottest Rap Contest Rules

Hey, everybody!

By holding our first-ever Summer Rap Contest! We want to see what you guys have got out there. Don't be shy; we see you on TikTok and YouTube and all the other places the internet will let you cram your face and belt out some jams, so how about putting those creative talents to work for fun and profit?


We want to see your best rap videos.

Make something really fantastic, and shoot it our way for your shot at one of the top prizes

The rules (yes, there are rules. This isn't Thunderdome,) are pretty simple:

  • No hate speech! Any derogatory, inflammatory, or intolerant content will be immediately disqualified.

  • No stealing. Your videos are important to us, but we want them to be yours.

  • Videos should be at least 15 seconds, but can be as lengthy as you want. (Maybe don't send us ten hour videos, though, huh?)

  • While it isn't mandatory, fitting vaping into your rap or video in a creative way will definitely earn you some extra brownie points!

  • Get as creative as you can! Dance! Show off your moves, and your hidden talents! (Just try to do something more than film yourself standing in your bathroom sucking on a vape, you guys.)

Submissions must be e-mailed to, between June 2nd—16th. Send us the links to your videos, and we'll embed them here on the Eightvape

Top submissions will be polled and voted on our social media channels between June 17th—21st, and you will be judged by both your peers and total strangers!

Three winners will be announced on June 22nd!

Winners will receive:

1st will win $128 in store credit

2nd place will win $88 store credit

3rd place will win $48 store credit

    So drop your sickest beats, blow our minds, and you may just walk away as the champion of our first ever Eightvape Summer 2021 Rap Contest!

    Anything less than that, and it’s time you hit the books and brush up on Hip Hop.

    Submit your video links to

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