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"Stairways: A Flight of Life" Disposable Bundle

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"Stairways: A Flight of Life" Disposable Bundle

Are you on a journey to cut back or quit nicotine altogether? Then check out the Flight disposable bundle! This bundle is designed specifically to aid you in your quitting journey! To start, we have an R & M Switch Pro disposable at 6%, a Monster Bar at 5%, an ESCO Bar at 3%, a Cloud Nurdz 3500 at 2.5%, and finally, a Fire Float 5K at 0% Nicotine. This bundle will start you on the path to cutting back your nicotine intake and ditching vaping & smoking altogether! You won't want to wait for this bundle; its stock is limited to 20  



"Stairways: A Flight of Life" Disposable Bundle Includes:  

1x Fire Float 5K - Watermelon Bubblegum - 0mg

1x Cloud Nurdz 3500 - Melon Kiwi - 25mg

1x ESCO Bar - Strawberry Ice - 30mg

1x Monster Bar - Passionfruit Orange Guava - 50mg

1x R & M Switch Pro - Passionfruit Orange Guava - 60mg

+ Shipped in EV-Branded Christmas Box


(Standard Retail Price: $60.67 / Savings of $11.79!)

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"Stairways: A Flight of Life" Disposable Bundle
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