Strawberry Chunks by Banger


Name: Bridget L

I have an account with Eightvape.

This is my review of Strawberry Chunks by Banger @ 3mg nicotine.

I’m very hesitant about ordering a vape juice online without trying it first. I’m also very picky to what juices I vape. However, Eightvape’s prices makes it much easier to order blindly. After I placed my order for Strawberry Chunks by Banger from Eightvape, at an exceptional price, I couldn’t wait for my package to be delivered. I was patiently tracking my order and atlast the delivery day came (quickly, I must add). I met the mail lady at the box. I get inside, sit down and opened my package. Wow, was it ever some cool extras inside that cute Strawberry Chunks by Banger box. A set of coils, a keychain, sticker, vape cleaning cloth, 2 empty refill bottles as well as 120 ml of Strawberry Chunks vape juice. I shook the bottle and opened it.

First, I take a whiff and the aroma was amazing. I was so excited. I installed fresh coils and cotton into my rta tank (which I purchased from Eightvape, by the way, at a great price). The smell was lovely as I was filling up my tank. I’m patiently waiting for the cotton to absorb the liquid and finally, I was ready to try this flavor that I just knew was gonna taste oh so good. So here goes my first hit! Wowza!!! This eliquid is everything I thought it was gonna be and more. At first, I taste creamy (I finally found a juice that was actually creamy when the description says creamy or milky). Then, I taste creamy strawberry ice cream and boy is it good. You know that strawberry ice cream with chunks of strawberry in it? Yes, that type of strawberry ice cream. On my second hit, wait a second, is that a different creamy taste than the first? Why yes, yes it is. It’s cheesecake drizzled with strawberry glaze on top!!! Oh My Goodness this Strawberry Chunks from Banger is the perfect All Day Vape for me. Third hit, more of that creamy strawberry ice cream and then, on the exhale, I taste graham cracker. Not too much, just enough to say it’s there. I don’t taste graham cracker with every hit. I do taste creamy strawberry ice cream and cheesecake with every hit. This flavor is perfect. Sweet enough but not too sweet (It’s been difficult for me to find a juice that’s not too sweet). Well guys and gals, I have finally found it!

Let’s not forget about the clouds Strawberry Chunks by Banger produces. Usually, most of the juices I vape has more flavor than clouds. Not this stuff. These clouds of awesome sauce produces the thickest, most pillowy soft looking clouds I have ever seen. It looks as if you could float on top of them and be in Strawberry Chunks ice cream, cheesecake with strawberry drizzle, and graham cracker crumble Heaven. I haven’t been one that gets into cloud production like some people. I’ve been a flavor chaser. Now I finally see what the big deal is all about, haha!!!

Just a little side note:  I have also had this Strawberry Chunks by Banger in a Smok Prince Tank with an M4 coil. I have actually been vaping on it for over a week now and that coil is still going. The reason I mention this is because I haven’t had good luck with Smok’s coils in the past. The coils would only last me 2-3 days before tasting burnt. I’ve been told that it’s probably because of the juice having too much sweetener. Well, so far, this juice has lasted over a week in that same coil. That’s fantastic in my opinion.

My overall rating of Strawberry Chunks by Banger: 10/10

My overall rating of Eightvape: 10/10

If you haven’t checked out my go to online vape shop, Eightvape, I highly recommend that you do. They have a great selection of products at exceptional prices!!! If you don’t already have an account, click or copy and paste to your internet browser, my referral link below to create an account. If I’m not mistaken, you should receive a discount on your first purchase. Thank you for reading my review!

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