Top Vape Juice 2019 The Best Eliquids of June


Top Vape Juice 2019 The Best Eliquids of June

June is right around the corner and that means hot summer weather will be here soon. Time to get rid of the cozy dessert Eliquid flavors in favor of some refreshing fruity flavors! If you’re looking to try a few new Eliquids this month here’s my pick of the best EightVape has to offer. Each one of these vape juices has been tried and tested to make sure they’re the best of the best.

8. Keep it 100 Tropical Blue Slushie

Keep it 100 Tropical Blue Slushie Ejuice


Keep it 100 is known for their fantastic Ejuice flavors, and the most famous of their flavors for years was the humble Blue Slushie. More recently, Keep it 100 has added a kick of fruity flavors to their famous Blue Slushie in order to add an updated twist to their best selling flavor. Tropical Blue Slushie adds notes of pineapple, strawberry, mango, and guava fruit to a classic blue raspberry base, making it a perfect vape juice for summertime. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy the smooth taste of tropical island breeze vapor.

7. Fantasi Orange

Fantasi Orange Vape Juice

If you’re looking for a fantastic summertime flavor for vaping you should check out Fantasi Liquids. They’re a relatively unknown brand coming out of Malaysia, but don’t let their obscurity fool you, this is a premium brand of Eliquid by any measure. Each of these Eliquids is designed to recreate the flavor of popular sodas, adding a hint of menthol to recreate a fizzy mouth tingling sensation. But the best of them all is Fantasi Orange, a citrusy flavor that perfectly recreates the taste of sipping a tall glass of iced orange soda.   

6. GLAS Basix Fizzy Lemonade

Glas Basix Series Fizzy Lemonade

Our next top pick comes from a more well known brand GLAS Basix. This is a brand that brick and mortar stores stock regularly so you can find it pretty much wherever you go. They make a variety of mouthwatering vape juice flavors, but their Fizzy Lemonade is a perfect choice for warm weather vaping. Delivering an accurate recreation of lime soda mixed with freshly squeezed lemons and tropical pineapple juice, this Eliquid is perfect for vaping while chilling by the pool. If refreshing flavors are your thing your going to love the taste of this Ejuice.

5. Naked 100 Brain Freeze

Naked 100 menthol brain freeze

The winner of multiple awards from vape flavor competitions all over the world, Naked 100 Brain Freeze is often hailed as the pinnacle of fruity menthol Ejuice blends. Naked 100 is known for their provocative name as well as their fantastic fruit flavors so you already know you’re in for a treat with this vape juice. Brain Freeze delivers a strong hint of teeth chattering menthol blended into a fruit filled base of strawberry, kiwi, and exotic pomegranate.

4. ICE Monster Mangerine Guava

Ice monster Mangerine Guava

ICE Monster is Jam Monster’s answer to a marketplace riddled with substandard menthol flavors.This brand features a variety of menthol flavors designed by the master chemists over at Jam Monster. This particular flavor perfectly blends tangerine, mango, and guava fruit together with a hint of cool menthol to deliver mouthwatering goodness with every puff. The mixture of tropical flavors with a familiar citrus and menthol aftertaste makes this a perfect Eliquid for warm weather vaping.

3. Alternativ IOTA

Alternativ IOTA Vape Juice

Made by the prolific juice manufacturers over at Marina Vapes, Alternativ takes a different approach to menthol vape juices by making flavor a priority. Most menthol Ejuices on the market taste more like menthol than they do the flavors they contain. With Alternativ, each Eliquid is perfectly balanced between fruity flavor and minty menthol. Finally you can enjoy cool menthol flavors while still getting a taste of fresh natural fruit in the mix. IOTA brings the taste of sweet tropical mangoes together with juicy georgia peaches to create a perfect summertime flavor.

2. Innevape Heisenberg Menthol

Innevape Heisenberg menthol

The hit show Breaking Bad may have ended years ago, but the Heisenberg name still lives on in this best selling Ejuice. Innevape capitalized on the massive success of Breaking Bad and came out with this blue tinted Ejuice to reflect the show. Who would’ve thought that all these years later it’s still one of our best selling menthol flavors? With its mouthwatering blend of blue raspberry popsicle flavor dropped into a vat of icy cold menthol you’ll be hard pressed to find a more refreshing Eliquid.   

1. Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade

Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade

Of course our #1 pick is going to Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade! This is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the vaping world. No other vape juice has even come close to capturing the fantastic lemony citrus flavors that Lemon Twist brings to the table. Everyone knows lemonade is the hallmark drink of summertime, so what better way to welcome the warm weather than vaping the classic taste of pink lemonade?

I personally guarantee that you’re going to love this flavor, and I’d be surprised if you don’t start picking up Lemon Twist as part of your regular vape shopping.


What do you think of our top picks for June? Do you have any Eliquid that you think should be on this list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


  • Posted on by ukvaporwaves
    the information you have updated is very good and useful, please update further.
  • Posted on by ukvaporwaves
    the information you have updated is very good and useful, please update further.
  • Posted on by Robert Levin

    Heisenberg menthol is the shiznit. The regular is great, but the added icy kick from sends the flavour completely over the top. If this and Dinner Lady were the only e juices on the market, I still think I’d be perfectly happy.

  • Posted on by Dana Looney

    The cloud nurdz strawberry lemon is the best juice I’ve tryed yet an I have tryed so many juices I highly recommend trying it if u like candy flavors!!!

  • Posted on by Mike Steele

    It’s a shame you guys don’t carry Anarchist Pink Lemonade. If so you’re number one would be different. Trust me

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