EightVape Juice Reviews: Fantasi, The Malaysian Menthol Brand


Fantasi “Malaysian Menthol:" A Menthol Lover’s Brand

Fantasi liquids is a Malaysian E-Juice manufacturer that uses a strong & unique menthol ice in it’s lineup. The Original line contains a low hint of menthol ice while the ICE version has strong cold breeze of menthol while still being able to completely taste the juice flavors at the same time.

Fantasi is pretty much an eliquid brand made for menthol lovers. Especially the ones that like the strong menthols that clear up your sinuses and cool your throat as if you just ate a cough candy. 

Usually if too much menthol is added into the juice flavors; it will muffle or even overpower the juice making the flavor lighter and harder to taste. But for Fantasi, their menthol ice is unique and gives a very cool sensation and refreshes the user, especially during summer time.


Grape / Ice - The grape is their best selling and also my top favorite. A bold candy grape soda inhale that follows through to the end, very similar to a grape soda. The ice version gives the cold sensation of vaping a fizzling grape soda!



Apple / Ice - The Apple has a crisp and sweet soda flavor. Good for vapers who like to vape all day without getting sick of the flavor. The Ice version is very similar except with a very icy cold menthol finish.


Lemonade / Ice - The lemonade would be my 2nd top flavor.  Initial inhale you get a blast of sweet citrus lemonade that last till the end. The Ice version taste to me exactly like a sprite or 7up soda!


Orange / Ice - The Orange has a unique sweet taste just like all the other flavors. The ice version taste better and the menthol cool finish blends so well with the flavor.




Mango / Ice - The Mango flavor is good and taste like a sweet ripe mango. The mango is really in your face. The ice version seems to be the least icy out of the rest of the flavors.

Watermelon / Ice, Mango Grape / Ice, Strawberry Apple / Ice: I'll update these as soon as I try them, guys!



  • Posted on by 🅿

    itd be cool if 8vape tried carrying their new zero cooling line of these – pun intended.
    Seems like most people dont like em bc even the regular flavors have strong menthol but the zero cooling line has 0 menthol & I know that Id like to try that!

  • Posted on by ok

    funny bc they all get horrible reviews & are pretty gross

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