The Pulse 80W Squonk Review

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The Pulse 80W Squonk Review

By Craig LaForm

I have been looking for a reliable cheap squonking device for years and none have ever really caught my eye that were reasonably priced. That's was until I ran across the 80w Pulse which had an amazing price and extremely positive reviews so I decided to give it a shot for myself.

One of the first things I noticed when I went to purchase this Device is you have six different color options you can choose from. You can also purchase just the doors as well so you can have an extremely customizable device that can match any atomizer that you own.

The magnets that keep the doors held on are well made and very strong so you wont have to worry about any rattling or movement at all but the doors are still very easy to remove so you can get to your battery or bottle.

As for the size of this device, I was kind of shocked at how small it really was being that it can hold your 20700 batteries "which are amazing might I add" because they drastically improve the vape life of this device. The width of the box is 26mm so it will fit almost all of your popular atomizers out there with no over hang and room to spare.

Now we get to the innards where this device really shines for me. The internal area of this device is extremely well done with no wires to be seen at all. It comes with the new Vandy Vape chip, which I have been extremely impressed with this far and have had no Issues.

It is your standard 80 watt device that comes with temperature control, locking features, bypass mode, and much more. The chip is also firmware upgradeable and seems to be getting updated quite frequently and the best part is that it can now be updated with your Mac.  As I said before that it can hold 20700 batteries but that would require most vapers having to go and purchase not only new batteries but possibly new chargers as well and we know how expensive that can get.

So to get around that Vandy Vape conveniently adds a single 18650 battery adaptor so that you dont have to go and purchase new batteries if you dont want to.The battery connections are a button style which hold both your 18650 and 20700 very securely with no chance of falling out and wont rip apart your battery wraps like some connections.

The last and most important feature of the 80w Pulse is that it can squonk and is amazing at doing it. In the manual it says that it comes with an 8ml silicon squonk bottle but I have found that to not be entirely true. I took a syringe and was able to get about 6.5ml which isn't a big deal and holds more than your average tank but thought it was worth noting.

Out side of that the bottle has a plastic cap which makes it very easy to install and has a plastic tube running to the bottom making it very easy to push down all the way and get every last drop. It is a very soft silicon bottle that is not only easy to press but it's also sturdy enough to draw back the extra juice in your atomizer leaving just enough to saturate but give little to no spit back.

As for leaking around the seal for the bottle, I have noticed none but it does have a few drops in the connecting tube whenever you go to refill your bottle so you may want to be mindful of that and there does seem to be liquid under the atomizer but its not even enough to worry about.

So you may be wondering if I would recommend this device or not? I would 100% recommend this device to both new and old squonkers alike. From the ease of installing your bottle/ battery to the amazing chip inside it, this device is easily worth the price listed considering how much these devices can go for.

Tony B. and Vandy Vape knocked this device out of the park and put cheap reliable squonkers on the map in my opinion. I would rate this device an easy 8.5 out of ten and its only that low because of the misinformation on the bottle and the condensation around the 510. Anyone on the fence about this device as I was should take the leap and I promise you wont regret it at all.


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  • Posted on by Brian

    Did your bottle also smell really bad when you got it? If anyone gets a bottle that smells really bad like tires, just clean and soak it a bunch, seems okay now.

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