EightVape Reviews: The Suorin Vagon Pod System


EightVape Reviews: The Suorin Vagon Ultra-Portable System

The Suorin Vagon Ultra-Portable System comes to us in the formidable wake of the Suorin Air card-style pod system, an original design that amazed the market last year by becoming one of the best-selling items of summer 2017. The Vagon Pod System features a compact size rivaling that of the JUUL, a curved ergonomic chassis, and an upgraded 430mAh internal battery, promising a satisfactory Nic Salt vaping experience and possibly more. The construction of the Vagon has been celebrated online as extremely high-quality and practical, including notes about a long-lasting connection and tight draw, anti-leaking measures, and resilient battery life.

We'll take a dive into the user experience with another EightVape review and see how this pod device stands up to practice. As a standard, we're going to compare the Vagon to the most popular pod device right now—the JUUL.

Size and Fashion

The Vagon System boasts the modest dimensions of 105mm x 20mm x 15mm. The JUUL is a cool 96mm x 15mm x 7mm.

10mm is about 1 third of a inch, so we have pretty much the same length with the Vagon as we have with the JUUL. The problem with many of the pod systems these days is that their dimensions are too big or too long. I think one of the attractive things about pod systems is that they're compact, small, discreet. The JUUL is the smallest "pen-style" device on the market and it is by far the most popular (over 50% market share).

That's because you can hold it in your mouth, fit it in any pocket, and when you inhale it, it looks similar to a cigarette. It's cool. Once you start bringing up something large and bulky and obvious to your mouth and ripping it for a long 4 seconds, it's not cool anymore. It's not subtle or discreet enough. Being cool is about looking effortless, relaxed, unperturbed. That's why they call it cool. The Vagon, by rivaling the JUUL size, achieves this label. It's easy-to-use, small, and the "pen-style" chassis with an ergonomic curve is "normal" enough to fit in. (I think the curve actually lessens the fashion appeal of the device, but it does make the Vagon more comfortable to hold).

With a heavier weight (56 grams) and its ergonomic curve, the Vagon feels comfortable in the hand. They really got this feature right.

I find myself gripping and squeezing the device because it's got a good tactile effect. I want to hold it. Weight is another factor that makes a small device appealing. There seems to be a sweet spot between too light (the JUUL) and too heavy. It's like a pebble. A pebble with enough weight feels good to hold, it's smooth, it feels special. But if it doesn't have enough weight, or if it's a large rock, there's no pleasure there. The increased weight makes the Vagon feel high-quality, and when I first held it in my hand, I was impressed. I think others will be impressed, too, when they hold it. 

Features and Specifications

  • 2mL Juice Capacity
  • Refillable Pod
  • Sleek and Portable
  • 430mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 12W
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Ergonomic Holster Clip
  • 1.3-1.4ohm Coil Resistance
  • LED Battery Light Indicator
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • 0.5A Max Charge


The Sourin Vagon is ergonomic, lightweight, discrete and it's designed with a curved chassis for maximum comfort. The device is refillable with a spacious 2.0mL E-liquid capacity cartridge, and it also comes with an optional holster clip so you can clip it to your pocket, shirt, or belt. 

The 12W maximum output pairs with easy and simple draw-activation to guarantee a long battery life. The atomizer resistance of 1.3 to 1.4 ohm and superb gold-tipped connection are added features that protect battery life.

430mAh built-in battery charges at 0.5A and reaches full charge in just 60 minutes. Micro USB charging cable is included in the package. 

A sleek LED indicator on the front face of the device lights up when firing. Green, blue, and red, depending on battery life. The LED indicator is shaped in a small 'V,' with thin lines and an aesthetic appeal. 

The most important feature of this device is its gold-tipped cartridge connection, which is leak-proof with ceramic rims, and creates a high-quality vacuum between cartridge and battery. This means that pulling is easier, which makes the vaping experience less difficult. You don't have to sit there puffing your device again and again, trying to render a satisfying hit. One of the problems of the SMOK Fit, which was meant to rival the JUUL, was that it didn't have a tight connection, making it harder to operate. If there was a more secured connection between battery and pod, the Fit would have been more successful. In fact, if it hit like the JUUL, I expect it would be leading Pod System market. 

User Experience

Suorin did us the classy favor of sending us some Vagon Ultra-Portable Systems free-of-charge to try and test them out. It was their hope that if we were impressed by the hardware, we would place an order to sell them en masse in our online store, which is exactly what we did. Our order was large because we noticed that the user experience of this mod was unparalleled on the market. This Vagon thing hit, charged, and looked like a JUUL, but it felt better. And on top of all that, you could fill the E-Liquid cartridge with whatever flavor you wanted. It was a home run, which we expected from Suorin, and we were once again pleased with the product that we'd be selling. 

My personal experience over two days of vaping with Vagon breaks down like a good romance novel: there was intrigue and charm in the beginning, a heart-wrenching infatuation, and then a long and fruitful relationship that blossomed into love. 

I started vaping with Salty Chitz The Brazz 45MG, a blue raspberry nic salt juice with sour overtones and a sweet base that I highly recommend, and the flavor is exactly what I've come to expect from advanced pod systems. Lots of taste, with nothing burnt, nothing wasted; it heats up quick and delivers a satisfying throat hit. I only need a couple of hits to get my nicotine fix. Just a quick flavor detour, and I'm back to work. Afterward I threw in something different, VGOD's Lush ICE 50MG, to see how another flavor with menthol would taste, and it was more of the same. Great flavor production, non-burnt taste, plenty of throat hit, and an overall satisfying experience. For flavor production and a satisfying throat hit, the Vagon gets a 10/10. 

User experience also has a lot to do with convenience. I explained before that the size of the Vagon increases its fashionability, but it also increases the product convenience. It fits into any pocket, any purse, nicely and tight. Small enough for anything. Large enough that it won't get lost. But there's something even better—the Vagon comes with a detachable bottom clip. Slides easy and holds tight. You can even clip it on your shirt. If you don't like the clip, you can take it off of the device, and this shortens the length of the Vagon even more. Only operating at a maximum of 12W, the Vagon holds a substantial battery life. I vaped on it for eight hours consecutively before it needed a charge. After 68 minutes, it was back to full power. Convenience, because of the size, clip, and long battery life, gets rated 10/10.

Style and fashionability were explored in the introduction of this review, so I'll keep this brief. A small size, complimented by a pleasurable weight makes me love the style of this device. It's cool, sleek, and the LED light indicator is fashionable for sure. However, there are two things that keep me from giving the style of the Vagon a 10/10. No. 1 is the curved ergonomic chassis, which I admit is a good thing for handfeel, but the appearance of the curves is too deviant from the norm. This makes it stand out, not fit in. Another thing is the coloring. Black, Red, Orange, Blue, and Green are all glossed, not matte or metal. This gives the Suorin a jovial quality, something that would be good if vaping was taken seriously. But it's not—it's still under ridicule. So you're playing into the hands of the haters by carrying around something that looks like a toy. The JUUL comes in one basic color—grey, the least jovial color around, and again, it's the #1 selling pod system for a reason. So I am giving the style of the Vagon a 9/10. I would give it an 8/10, since there are two things about it that I don't like, but the size of this device is so rewarding that I don't want to diminish the dimensions' effects. It really is a great-looking device. 

Conclusion A+

Rated at 29/30 for taste, flavor, convenience, and style, the Suorin Vagon gets an A+. A beautiful little mod with a great user experience (upgraded and unmatched), I expect this thing to win the hearts of vapers all around the world.

We have sold out of Red, Blue, and Green, but we still have Black and Orange available. You can visit EightVape.com to learn more about the Vagon, and I encourage you to check out what other people are saying, too. We've already got a 5 star review on the website from Devin W. You buy this guy, I'm sure you'll be impressed. 

Until next time, folks. Thanks for reading.


  • Posted on by Kyle fredman

    Mine has not been charged in a while and will not charge or hit or light up

  • Posted on by Greg T

    Great work on the review! I concur. Ditched the JUUL!

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