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The Power of Mesh Coils

Karina White

Posted on October 29 2018

The Power of Mesh Coils

By Danny Martin

 My name is Danny Martin and I have been buying from EightVape for a while and have to say I am well pleased. If you are looking for amazing flavor then do yourself a huge favor and get yourself a mesh coil. I have them both for my tfv8 big baby and my tfv12 prince and the flavor is truly amazing. 

The mesh coil really pops the flavor of what ever juice your using totally worth it. Both the tfv8 and tfv12  mesh coil performance is amazing on air flow cloud and flavor. The tfv12 comes mesh max mesh dual mesh and a triple. I have tried the mesh and the triple and just ordered some of the max mesh.

So far the mesh is best to me, the triple to me was way to open and didn't have the flavor like the mesh that I hoped for, and to me for the rating on it didn't chuck the clouds like the mesh did.

I still have two more to try then will have a better decision on which is best, but still cant go wrong with a mesh coil! 

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  • Nick Huffman: November 01, 2018

    As far as mesh coils and tanks go you might also try the Horizontech Falcon and Fireluke Pro tanks with their mesh coils, both give fantastic flavor as well as lasting me over a week…qc is better too.

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