EightVape Review: Drip This Sour Mango

EightVape Review: Drip This Sour Mango

Coming from the easily recognizable vape juice company Drip This, the newest offering of Sour Mango delivers on both the promises that the name inspires. 

Drip This has set out to cure the issue of sour flavors not differentiating from one another and being overpowering using the highest quality possible with their extraction and production process. This attention to detail and desire to pursuit quality has lead to an entire line of unique flavors that have been enjoyable by vapers all over the world. 

One of the most delicious offerings comes in the form of their Sour Mango vape juice flavor and that is the one that we're focusing on today for our review. For this I'm using a 3MG nicotine version for this review but we do have 0MG and 6MG options available as well. 

As someone who likes sour to a certain extent, I am very picky about sour flavors in any form not just vape juice. I have had a number of bad sour vape flavors where the sourness is overpowering to the point that other flavors get lost or are toned down to the point of unrecognizable. Luckily for you and Drip This, Sour Mango does not fall into this trap. 

Upon inhale you will notice a strong but smooth sour flavoring that while makes itself known does not overtake your flavor palate. The sourness gives way to a fruity mango flavor that hangs nicely and is well-rounded. 

With your exhale the sour balances perfectly with the sweetness of fresh-sliced mango. After using this e juice for many hours I've found myself not growing tired of it, which is usually one of my biggest issues with sour eliquids. While I can't say it is necessarily an all day vape because I personally wouldn't want a sour vape juice all day, for those that like sour e juice flavors it very well could be. 

Rating: 3.75 out of 5.00 Stars

You can find this flavor and more options from Drip This available at EightVape by clicking here




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