Vaming: A National Video Games Day Celebration


Vaping. Vaping never changes...except that couldn’t be further from the truth. The vaping industry is constantly evolving and creating new subsets for vapers to find like-minded people. In recent years, the vaping x gaming community has been on the rise, finding ways to be creative and share their love for both gaming and vaping. The question remains, why has a such a large number of gamers started picking up their devices and taking their hobby in, and out, of the game?


The biggest aspect of any gaming session is being able to stay in the game. However, for many gamers that smoke they’re faced with a lose/lose scenario when it comes to curbing their cravings. On one hand, they can step away from the controller and step out for a smoke break while on the other, they can smoke up indoors. Both create issues of their own with either losing your groove or having to drop out of online play and in the other case making everything around you smell like smoke, neither sounding like appealing options. Vaping provides a quick, seamless access to their device without requiring them to step away or ruin the atmosphere of their gaming area. Now instead of stepping out for 10-15 minutes, vaping gamers can take a hit during loading screens, waiting for match-up, or during cutscenes...though in the case of Metal Gear Solid cutscenes I’m fairly certain they could deconstruct a device, build it again, and then still have enough time to play through half of another game on their handheld device.

Waste sucks. There’s no way around it, gamers don’t like wasting materials and if they do will end up feeling cheated. They earned those materials and if the game suddenly took them away for whatever reason, they would feel disheartened. So why would a gamer ever want to waste hard earned money on a cigarette that burns away, possibly getting one or two drags before getting distracted by the real reason they’re there? Some have tried to create workarounds but let’s be honest...they look dumb and last thing you want during a firefight is a lit cigarette just waiting to fall into your lap at the first jolt. Vaping allows gamers to enjoy as much or as little as they want, never making you commit to finishing, in fact I’d highly suggest not trying to finish an entire tank between Dark Souls runs, no matter how satisfying that may feel.

Lastly, how could a gamer not want something more interactive than a cigarette? I mean that’s just boring in comparison to all the customization and tweaking you’re able to achieve with a mod. You’re honestly going to tell me that you’re going to mess with your suspension for your fake supercar so you can hit those virtual turns just right but you won’t take time out to perfect your settings to get the best flavors? I mean, if you’re one of those people that love sucking tailpipes then I guess that makes sense but no point having this superior gaming setup and not having the same experience out of game as well.

Check out one of our submissions with the  Vo Tech Dagger 80W Kit featuring a rather familiar looking scarred up figure. 

Since the inception of arcades, the core of gaming has been about creating a community. Even the single player game players still connect over their own experiences with others and with the influx of online gaming it’s easier than ever to find your own stable of like-minded gamers. So it would make sense that the vaping gamers would use their platforms to share their passion for vaping as well. The most common practice is sharing your set-up along with what you’re vaping and device.













With a little searching any vaping gamers are able to find numerous online communities filled with diverse groups of people sharing their hobbies with one another. Across all platforms, gamers have connected to share their gaming and vaping preferences, discussed and debated, and created friendships as well as rivalries.  


Of course what would a community be without creations from it. From edits, to making references, to latching onto anything even remotely vape related, gamers have certainly make the frontier of vape gaming their own.

Some go as far as to create custom skins or avatars to fit their vaping preferences, such as in Forza where this gamer decided to import vape companies to brandish as their sponsors.

In other cases, they will make their own connections and brand them as vaping related...whether or not they actually are. Such is the case in Dark Souls 3.

Some even go as far as to create their own mods themed after video games.


And in some instances, try to recreate electronic devices that were represented in game.

The gaming community never ceases to amaze with their creativity and surely will continue to amaze.

So if you’re a gamer and looking for group with other vape friendly gamers, there are plenty of vaping communities out there to find. Maybe some of these mods will inspire you to make your own and if so be sure to share it with us here at EightVape because we would love to feature your creations.

Unfortunately, this article has run out of lives and we're all out of quarters. So until next time, thanks again on behalf of us here at EightVape and happy Vaming!


  • Posted on by Aizadeen

    I didn’t get my stuff

  • Posted on by Z.

    Thanks for the interesting read. I love seeing all the custom mods, but that LoZ Wii controller converted into a mod is the best!

  • Posted on by Krystal Barton

    I want a vape boy lol

  • Posted on by Chris Stansell

    Thanks for the compliment and keep an eye out, may not be the last time you see that logo show up.

  • Posted on by Logan H.

    I actually really enjoyed reading this. Great stuff! Loved the old school SEGA look to the thumbnail as well.

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