4 and a Half Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Mod

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Every so often you may be finding yourself looking down at your mod and feeling dissatisfied, I know I certainly have. Well with this handy dandy guide, you’ll be able to find a full 4 and a half ways to get the most out of that old mod of yours brought to you by your friendly neighborhood writers at Eightvape.com.

New coils

New coils are never going to be a bad thing for your mod. Whether replacing or upgrading, you’re always going to find a better experience than sucking on used coils. We all know that feeling after a while, when you’re not getting as good a flavor as you remember. You think about how good things used to be, how if only there was something you could do to bring back the joy of your favorite vape juice flavors. Well chances are you need to replace your coils...but you can always take it a step further as well. Why not shop around, try some new coils for a spin. With EightVape’s wide selection you’re never going to run out of options and with multiple choices, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your desires.


May I suggest one of our triple mesh coils brought to you from Freemax. If you’ve never tried opening your world to triple mesh, you don’t know what your missing. Throw one of these bad boys into a tank and it’ll be a whole new experience for you and speaking of tanks...

New tank

But what if coils just aren’t enough for you? You’re bold and adventurous and need something new in your life, something a couple coils could never suffice. Why not try a new tank and really experience the difference. Sure you may have had your old reliable for a while, and sure it is a bit beat up and leaks at times but you’ve been through some stuff together and you can’t just replace it...can you? Of course you can! Why keep yourself saddled with something just because you’re familiar with it? There’s a big beautiful world of options out there and you should change up if you feel like you’re not getting what you want out of your mod.

Plus there’s probably way better stuff than you realize, for example the FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm, which conveniently works perfectly with those triple mesh coils you were just reading about.

Switch up your juice

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Maybe the issue isn’t your mod but what you’re putting into it. After a while it may seem a bit monotonous if you’re using the same juice day after day. Sure it may be an all day vape but unlikely to be an all week vape. There’s literally thousands of options out there and the best part is you don’t have to go outside your favorite flavor profile to experience them. Just because you’re particular to sweet vape juices doesn’t mean you need to go switching completely, you can try something in the sweet vape juice family. Honestly, with the variety of options, you could very well find alterations on some of your favorite flavors with tweaks and additions. Nothing wrong with switching it up every so often and you may end up finding a new favorite.

And a good contender for your new favorite is certainly going to be the new Limited Edition Jam Monster Raspberry. In fact, it is in such limited quantities that it may be sold out by now because of how hot it has been lately. Definitely do yourself and pick yourself up a bottle because at that price with that flavor, you are certain to not regret that impulse buy.


Join the Club

You’ve now discovered the joy of changing things up and so much so that you’re constantly buying new coils, tanks, and juices but are finding out that it racks up pretty fast. What do you do? Even with the great deals provided from EightVape, you’re seeing those shipping costs stack up, each deduction another dollar lost...when it could have been spent on more vape gear. What if I told you that not only can you get free shipping but even better deals, deals that the normal public doesn’t even have access to? Well let me step down from my Salesman pedestal and give it to you straight. You buy stuff, we have stuff, to ship you our stuff costs you money. That has been a pretty simple truth forever...until now.


With the EightVape Membership you get free shipping, and if you REALLY need it there soon you get discounted priority shipping. On top of that you get access to products that only members can buy with a special Members Only Discount on top of the already great deals. So now not only are you saving on the shipping, you’re also saving on the products themselves and for $9.99 a month and let’s be honest, there’s not a lot you can get for $9.99. Movie tickets? Nah. Coffee? Barely. Dinner? Maybe fast food discount menus. So why not put that $9.99 to good use and start saving money, you’ll earn it back the very first purchase most likely. 

And now for the half because while it puts your mod to use, may not be in the way you planned. Sometimes it is just time to get a new mod. Maybe you have run your mod ragged, it is falling apart at the seams and need something new in your life. Or maybe you just want to stay up to date with technology. In an ever-changing market, there is always something on the horizon and EightVape has exclusives coming out every week, all with great deals.

So if that mod you’re holding right now looks more like something you’d see as a paperweight in a second-hand shop, do yourself and launch it and get a new one...or use it as a paperweight or doorstop or imagine it is a robot-heart you ripped out of a cold, uncaring death machine. The possibilities are endless but the life of your mod is not and sometimes there’s nothing you can do to make up for a mod on life-support. So do yourself a favor and pull the plug. We have plenty of brand new mods looking for a new home.

One you may want to check out specifically is the the iJoy Diamond vpc. These guys may be little but they definitely come with a good kick and are perfect for travel size or taking on your every go commutes.

So whether you’re looking to start Frankensteining your mod or considering a new one all together, hopefully this guide provided a little insight into some areas that you can get attention to finally get the most out of your mod.




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