Dip n’ Dab: The AirisTech x Quartz Authority Headbanger Alternative Vaporizer

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Simply put, his vape is great for vaping concentrates. Whether you’re looking for alternative vaping experience because flavored e juice doesn’t quite do it for you, or you prefer vaping non-nicotine plant extracts. The AirisTech x Quartz Authority Headbanger Alternative Vaporizer is here to facilitate you dip n’ dab experience and keep you in the clouds. 

Form Factor

Compact. Inconspicuous design. The Airistech Headbanger utilizes premium QCell tech for vaping concentrate, yet looks like any regular, e-juice handling vape mod on the market.

With its patented QCell Quartz Atomizer, this vape utilizes the fritted glass quartz coil to not only effectively vaporize concentrate, but to also produce more bubbles and larger clouds. Variable voltage from modern concentrate equipment, with 3.4, 3.7, and 4.0V settings, each indicated by a colored LED light. Powered by a 1500mAh internal batter that is rechargeable with the included Micro USB cable.

High grade aluminum chassis. Built into the Headbanger’s magnetic cap is the a removable glass quarts container that allows for concentrate storage on-the-go.

Cool vapor enters your lungs, with either attachment, via the spill-proof water bubble attachment that fits on the top of the streamlined, vertical body of the device.

Features and Specifications:

  • High Grade Aluminum Chassis
  • Variable Voltage - 3.4, 3.7, and 4.0V
  • LED Voltage Indicator Lights
  • Qcell Quartz Technology - Patented Fritted Quartz Material
  • Removable Glass Water Bubbler
  • Q1 Dip Coil
  • Q1 Dab Coil Protected Under Tank Cover
  • Replaceable Quartz Jar Inside Tank Cover
  • Rear Firing Button
  • 1500mAh Internal Battery
  • Micro USB Charging

How It Works

Be sure to burn off your atomizer before initial use of the coil to get rid of any foreign matter that may have fallen onto it during manufacturing.

Just A Dab, Just A Little Bit

When you want to use the dab attachment, you load your concentrate directly onto the coil with the included dab and screw into the side of the device. Attach the glass bubbler, and press the power button to activate and inhale.


Dip Your Toes In, The Water Is Fine

If you want to avoid the mess that can sometimes come with loading the atomizer, opt for the dip attachment, the Q1 Dip Coil. This turns your device into a electronic nectar collector. Remove the magnetic cap from the dip coil, screw onto the bottom of the Headbanger, press the firing button, and touch the herbal concentrate with the tip as you inhale.


Concentrate: You Need Emotional Content


You like Flavor right? Of course you do. Maybe the fancy taste of e-juice doesn’t quite please your palette. You don’t mind them, but you’re tired of artificial Mangoes, Strawberries, Churros, Cookies, ”hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, and blue moons.” Yeah, you want that sweet, concentrated nectar. Pure concentrate like Uncle Willie used to make it. EightVape has what you need with the AirisTech x Quartz Authority Headbanger Alternative Vaporizer.

A good dabbing session provides a heavenly experience. It starts with attaining that perfect temperature for your dabbing apparatus. And it ends with that exquisite terpene profile that ingesting any plant leaves on the tip of your tongue. Along with the effects they bring.

Sleep and tingly feelings brought on by citrusy Myrcene found in oranges and hops. Uplifting moods and floral scents from Linalool found in Lavender. Essential oils for essential living. All of these and more can be obtained with the Headbanger Alt Vape. Grab your preferred plant concentrate, and get ready to be lifted to a new level of euphoria.

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    Is it ok to have both coils on the device or should I only have one attached at a time?

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