Valentine's Vape Challenge WINNERS!


The Winners Of Our Valentine's Vape Challenge


This was such a fun challenge, reading all your creative submissions were not just entertaining but VERY impressive. We were thrilled to get so many wonderful submissions, and as always it wasn't easy narroing it down to three winners.

But thanks to the reactions we got on social media and in the comment section of the blog featuring all the entries we were able to pick a few that we knew you all enjoyed! 


So let's meet our winners:


Third Place Goes to...

Suzie S.


Don't knock it until you tried it!!
My mouth starts to water and I crave them!
A girl shouldn't have to choose just one!
The more the better!
Happy Valentines Day my Vape family.

Second Place Goes To...

Sunny G.


I knew I needed something to kick my need to smoke. 
I walked in the vape shop and saw the most beautiful bloke. 
Eyes of green with a cloud around him so white, 
From that very first glance, the butterflies in my stomach were in full flight. 
We flirted and talked as he sold me my first vape, 
I was instantly enamored, never wanting to escape.
The feeling was mutual and we went out on a date to play pool. 
Neither of us could stop smiling, like a couple of fools.
I spent hours at the shop with him; every second was bliss. 
Spending the days in there with friends, I knew there was nothing better than this. 
We vaped in bed together, during our long talks at night. 
He was the person I loved, and it happened at first sight.
Quitting smoking was something that I knew would better my life.
What I never expected was that I'd end up that vape shop guy's wife. 
Almost 4 years and 2 kids later, and still as happy as can be. 
A vape changed my life, because it brought my other half to me. 

*this is a true story, by the way. I met my husband at a vape shop and this June will be 4 years of an amazing marriage!*


And First Place Goes To...

Tyler B.


My baby, my mod, my little Orion.
You’re by my side, even when I’m cryin.

You’ve helped me through everything I’ve done.
So here’s a little something, Happy Valentine's Day, hun!



  • Posted on by Karina

    Hi Nick. We choose the winners based on an office poll and the comments/feed back via the comment section on the blog and on social media. You can read all the other entries on our blog right now

    I just re-read your poem, it was really great! You have a natural knack for writing. I hope you enter our next contest too!

  • Posted on by Nick G

    Sunny G’s was pretty decent although the structure was confusing. Was it a rhyme, poem, lullabye or lyrical story? Not trying to negate an interesting story because it’s unique in its own way, and compared to the other two winners I can see why it won. But I’d be really curious to hear the others. And get an explanation as to how the other two winners won. No offense but they weren’t that creative or meaningful. Not to sound superior to anyone but I am confident the poem I crafted was more thought-out, structured and better composed than theirs. I almost feel like these were picked at random or something because I feel there were most likely far better contestants. Myself included. Again, not trying to put them down or create an insult. I just find the outcome of this contest a little insulting.

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