Valentine's Vape Challenge Entries


Valentine's Vape Challenge Entries

In the spirit of our last contest that went tremendously, we have decided to format this contest similarly, placing all the entries in one spot for you all to access easily and comment bellow in one spot what your favorites are.

Like last time the entries will be ordered with the most recent entries on top, so check back here to see new entries daily. 

This Valentine's Vape Challenge is a big one! Two ways to win, with write in or photo submissions accepted. You can send in a poem about why you love vaping, or a photo of you and your vape on a date. You can read all about the rules and submission guidelines HERE

Without further ado, lets get into our contenders...


Paul B.

Me and my boo ❤️.  Late night movie and alone time!!!



Lisa K. 

Ok- there’s no vape in picture but I am a patron of 8 Vape and so is my son Elijah.
I think this was one of my favorite Valentine's day!
Did I say son? Yes I did!
My son is a young man that for the life of me- I can’t figure out why he is single!
Maybe because he walks the thin Blue Line as a cop in a small town that is freezing this time of year-brrrrr!!!
I went up to this area to work at a sister clinic and stayed with him.
On this tough and exhausting work week he made his mom feel like she was
the best mother alive!
He bought me red glitter carnations. And hand made a card spouting my glory!
And his appreciation and love for raising him like I did.
A movie, stuffed chicken breasts that he makes! Yes! he cooks too!
and Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream!
I quit smoking Nov. 2018 and had to go to Az. when he got into a motorcycle accident.
It was life and death. I found out then that we both Vaped. During his healing month we vaped and watched the whole
season of Walking Dead. Happy that he was alive!!!
He moved back home.
That summer we were float tubing on a river and I got caught up in live fallen trees from some eager beavers.
I damn near drowned and if I hadn’t quit smoking, I just might of due to respiratory failure.
Guess who plucked his mother out of the river hanging onto what might of been my last efforts to stay afloat?
So….Happy Valentines Day to me and Elijah!
Oh and my Aegis Mod was in my pocket during my escapade….it fired right up and still works to this day!!
Thanx for listening to my bragging and what I think is an awesome story!!


Tawsha M. 

I would go to the moon by myself and vape. And id stay there forever if I had endless stock of vapers and vaping juice.


Cameron F.

You are my vape,
My super hero in a cape,
My first true love from 8vape,
I dream of you tasting like grape,
You provide the clouds and make me so proud,
My wife doesn't like that your my life,
You never fail me or let me down,
You are my queen who deserves a crown, 
Nobody can fathom our new found love,
It's like you were sent from up above,
I fall asleep with you in my arms,
You keep me safe and away from harm,
Cigarettes tried to kill me but you saved the day,
I love you so much that no words can explain,
People look at me weird when I say your name, 
When we dance in rain people call me insane,
Their judgments don't matter,
Cause you taste like cake batter,
31 flavors have nothing on you,
You provide so many flavors, I don't know what to do,
Our love is so true so please realize,
You are the only true girl who stole my eyes, 
So be my Valentine on this beautiful day,
I'll love you my vape until the end of days!!!
Your one true love 


Antonio C.

Eight Vape will you be my side chick?
Eight Vape
You bring such joy to my life
If you were a female I'd make you my wife
But I'm married already so you'll have to be my side chick that's it.
Please  Promise not to tell my wife when I've been ordering shit
I'll message you on the low and place my orders secretly 
Because if my wife saw all of them she would probably  beat on me
So sometimes I pretend I'm dropping a duece
When really I'm on your site ordering juice.
Or when shes out doing her hair or her nails
I'm on your website looking at sales
Our relationship has to be secret and it's sad of course.
But If I have to choose you or her. There'll be a divorce.



Suzie S.

Don't knock it until you tried it!!
My mouth starts to water and I crave them!
A girl shouldn't have to choose just one!
The more the better!
Happy Valentines Day my Vape family.
valentines day vape date


Move Sessions (movesessions on Instagram)

Valentine’s dinner with my mech and ramen 🍥🍲🍜


vape ramen date


Kendall B.

I walk in the door and I see it there

My beautiful mod sitting a couple feet from my chair

Dripped fresh is my favorite Fruity E- liquid

I got shot with a love filled arrow and Eightvape was playing cupid.
(long time buyer. Always will be.)
valentines day vape


James M.

Thanks for years of good prices and service. You’ve supplied mods, tanks, and e-liquid for going on 3 years now. Always appreciated, and always quality. Much love Eightvape. Hope your Valentines proves better than mine usually do.

Trying My Hand At A Vape Haiku

Billows of tasty
Vape love puff up valentines
Make cloudy springtime


Carrie O.

Your face may be creepy
And your body has heft
But with you in my hands
My cravings have left
Your perfect and sexy
And just my style
I love my Graffiti
It's the best by a mile 


 David E.

Cloud Life (By The Vaping Poet)

Where do the clouds wander, where do the clouds go?
Aloud I question, so silently they blow
Is this the beginnig, a new cloud, a new life?
Or maybe there is heaven for a liquid without strife
There may be a journey with oh, lets say, eight parts
Eight liquids, Eight flavors, Eight bottles, and Eight makers... just to start
Eight kits, Eight coils, and Eight cottons maybe met along their ways
And for those clouds that we all dream of, those lucky Eight Vapes!


Tayler A.

Our Special Valentines Date Night ❤️
Me And Purganna ❤️

valentine's day vape


Robert Hart

Eternal Dedication



Phoenix S.

Vape Love Haiku

Big tasty inhale.
Exhaled as milky white O's.
Clouds are my true love.


Nick G.

Since the last one I lit, I never felt more proud....I knew that I made the right choice.

From my very first kit, and that very first cloud...I knew I would get back my voice.
The yacking and coughing was gross nonetheless, it's hard for me not to remember.

Always out've breath and one cig away from death, I finally quit one September.
Now over 3 years I can say full of cheer, that I have never turned back.

I may have spent lots of money and some find it funny but it's wiser than buying a pack.

So all thanks to EightVape and their dedicated team...I stopped paying extra for juice.

With so many flavors for all of us vapers...there's no better site I could choose. 


Jason F.

8vape how to count the ways I love your products, reds apple is red and so are rose's, blue slushy From keep it 100 is blue 8vape is the best and so are you!!!   


Joshua C.

So then the day came
To kick an addiction
I reached for my vape
As part of my prediction
No cigarettes in hand
Just my trusty e juice
And my vape mod my friend


Derek W.

Vape Love, Vape Life

3 nic with this juice mix,
Each drip like a sweet kiss,
The heats fine with warm apples,
The sleek lines with no button rattle,
The full charge has a hold on my heart,
   And it keeps beating with a stronger start to every day since I quit the stinky sticks, 
I saw my first vape, 
it gave me a wink and I did back flips.

Every single time I fill and fire
I go uphill to the top of desire and kill off the "tired of that old stuff", get a taste of a bold puff, gold rush, so flush, so just no rough edges, full of "come test this love that's endless".  Cigarettes get broken relentless, Yes its:
I get the mod, the tank the juice,
No spit back, nothings flawed, better bank, only improve.

With sub-ohm the loves grown, 
With this device an eclipse on my life, 
iJust think Uwell know it's right when
Clouds rise & drop the truth, life is better yet when it's a taste you can choose.
No cigarettes to waste you away, its love over lose. It's in your DNA to evolve so make the move.



Andrea B.

Press that button, Fire it up
Feel that burning down to my muff
Touch my lips around the tip
Waiting for it to sizzle and spit
Taste that flavor riding up
Pushing through that shaft, yeah it’s just the right stuff
Browse my favorite website
See everything I want with everything I’ve got
Love everything with vaping, that’s clear to see
Wish you’d put that cigarette down now, Please set yourself free!


Tiffany S.

The Great Vape Ape Grape Date

Making clouds of grape
Subtle sweet but so hard core 
Leaving vapors wanting more 
The great vape ape and his cloud of grape
Two matches in heaven 
A beautiful purple cloud and the great vape ape with grape 
 much better that professor Snape 
A grape cloud date with the great vape ape will make any valentine date great 


Tyler B.

My baby, my mod, my little Orion.
You’re by my side, even when I’m cryin.

You’ve helped me through everything I’ve done.
So here’s a little something, Happy Valentine's Day, hun!

valentine's day date


Scott S.

Roses are red, my Legend is black
I once smoked cigarettes 
They really are wack!

Confined to my mod I sit and vape
Everyday I do this
Boy I feel great

I love my vape so much
Everyday’ Everywhere we go
After the moment at first touch

Beautiful as can be 
And smells so good
It’s sits on my desk
Obedient as it should

Never once turned its back
There when needed
I never once hacked 

Together we make one
Love at last
I’ll blow my vape clouds 
Until the batteries are done



Amber M.

To my Joyetech Espion Silk:
Oh Joyetech! Oh Joyetech! How many juices can I stuck through that big tank of your's? The smoke I blow out from you is amazingly good from the strawberry milk to the honeydew melon chew. The notch coil is the sweetest thing of your inside design. The comfort of your outside design being the silkiest of them all. I love you, Joyetech Espion Silk.


Jim Z.

Oh beautiful clouds
That float through the air
My vape and I
Make a wonderful pair

Flavors so sweet
And sensations so strong
And best of all
Cigarettes are gone

No more nasty smell
Or ashtrays or butts
What was I thinking
I must have been nuts

Now when my friends ask me
What that awesome smell is
I say "that's me and my iPriv
In our flavorful bilss"


Kacie W.

mod is red, my vape juice is grape, quitting smoking for good was easy once i discovered eight vape!

the juice and the hardware (old or brand new), is cheap and affordable, what else am i supposed to do?

i made my first purchase, waited for it to come, once it was opened, i knew it was number one!

my coils lit up on my new rda, i wicked them and juiced them, and every worry went away.

i knew i had found the best place i could find, to buy vape juice and hardware with peace of mind


Jackie A.

Oh aegis legend you make my heart beat
You definitely make my life complete
My days would be filled of aggravation and stress
But you , you beautiful vape help me decompress 
With 3 small screaming kids all day long 
All I need is my vape and a good song 
I’m not sure what I would do without you
My daily mood would be pretty depressed and blue
I fill you up with a great mint flavor
It makes me happy and on my best behavior
On this Valentine’s Day, I just want to say you are the best 
After 24/7 of being a stay at home mom , you help my nerves get some rest :-P



Melissa S.

I love Valentines Day!!! We spend the day blowing clouds to the point I'm  almost ill... so every night for the two of us it's always Netflix and chill. It's hard to meet a man so cool and sexy... they always act like A clown.  But I can ALWAYS confide in my sexy lil mod who never lets me down. 

He's been there through good and bad he's always by my side.  He does't get jealous when a new lil guy arrives... He never asks me WHY. I think it's because I show him the love that he deserves I take good care of him hes always there for me.... so on this valentines day it's just him and me!
valentine's day
Netflix and Chill
Valentine's Vape Challenge


Katie B.

Coils are red, cotton is white, @EightVape has the deals, can’t beat this amazing site! - copyright @MsMouthyMama 🤣 ‬
I’m not that creative but I love you eight vape lol be my valentine❤



Dawson C. 

Vape, vape, oh glorious vape
This one tastes fine, I think maybe it’s grape
That glorious nicotine I cannot escape
But my lungs will stay happy, thanks to my vape


Sunny G.

I knew I needed something to kick my need to smoke. 
I walked in the vape shop and saw the most beautiful bloke. 
Eyes of green with a cloud around him so white, 
From that very first glance, the butterflies in my stomach were in full flight. 
We flirted and talked as he sold me my first vape, 
I was instantly enamored, never wanting to escape.
The feeling was mutual and we went out on a date to play pool. 
Neither of us could stop smiling, like a couple of fools.
I spent hours at the shop with him; every second was bliss. 
Spending the days in there with friends, I knew there was nothing better than this. 
We vaped in bed together, during our long talks at night. 
He was the person I loved, and it happened at first sight.
Quitting smoking was something that I knew would better my life.
What I never expected was that I'd end up that vape shop guy's wife. 
Almost 4 years and 2 kids later, and still as happy as can be. 
A vape changed my life, because it brought my other half to me. 

*this is a true story, by the way. I met my husband at a vape shop and this June will be 4 years of an amazing marriage! 



Kristi P.

My Vape Valentine:

The billowing clouds
The smell of sweet flavor
Leaves my heart longing 
For a great vape to savor

There are juices of fruit 
With notes of confection 
Those nectarous pleasures
Blended to perfection 

RDA’s, RTA’s
Box and Squonk mods 
Pretty tanks, fancy coils 
And don’t forget the pods!

With the plentiful variety 
Of cool vapor toys
EightVape shows their love
For vape girls and vape boys <3

Kristi P
Happy Valentines Day!



Amanda M.

I used to smoke cigarettes 
Now I use an S-Priv

I used to smoke from stress
Now I vape as a hobby

I used to shake from withdraws 
Now it doesn’t even faze me 

I used to spend $5 a day for a pack of cigarettes 
Now I can spend $10 a month for a bottle of ejuice 

I used to smell like smoke everyday of my life 
Now I smell smoke free thanks to the EightVape guys 

Moral of the story vaping changed my life

So if you’re hooked on cigarettes I have some advice

Go to the EightVape website and change your life



Trent P.

I like my mod,
its hits like a hot rod,
definitely tastes better than cod,
and smoking cigarettes is odd.
I need my vape juice,
keeps me cool as a goose,
definitely gives me the boost
to live and let loose!
Oh where are thy coil,
I like your shine like foil,
please don't get so hot you boil,
and become a huge spoil.


  • Posted on by Kim barns

    Simple, sexy , an to the point Paul b. 👍

  • Posted on by reese

    Nice cloud paul💨💨 them eyes tho 🔥🔥🔥. Thanks🎱

  • Posted on by karla

    Dam Paul b is smokin ….lol. Both ways!!!

  • Posted on by Rick

    Suzie s! love it! She always has the best juice.

  • Posted on by Shannon steinbach

    Cool submission. I’m voting for Suzie s!

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