The New Mod Dating Game: Valentine's Day Edition


The New Mod Dating Game Valentine's Day Edition


Welcome Folks, to the New Mod Dating Game! I'm your host and I'm here to help YOU find that one special mod. Everyone deserves to fall in love with their mod and we aim to make that easier.

Why be alone this Valentine's Day when there are so many eligible mods out there for you to fall for? Who knows you could find The One.

So without further ado let's meet our eligible mods. And if at any time you'd like to learn more, or even take one of these dreamy mods out for a date, just click their photo to choose your lucky gal!


Let's meet our first contender, it's CoilART Lux!

coilart lux mod


This elegant looker is a real work of art. With a breathtaking body and a whole lot of style, you will sure to be the talk of every party, the envy of all, with this true Belle of the Ball. But don't let her looks fool you, she is one whip-smart mod with an advanced EAGLE Chipset that provides a full equipped user suite with internal updates that download in real time, so you know she is always one step ahead of the trends.


"Hi, how are ya? Look honey, let's get right down to it I am designed in partnership with THE Italian fashion designer Aligheri Petraca, so you KNOW I am all about serving these looks. I have my own unique style with a modern trendy flare, got keep it classy. But girl, you gotta be different and unique out there too. You gotta leave them SHOOK honey. That's why I have my OWN unique mesh coil structure that you cannot find anywhere else but with me. But I stay true to my roots, okay? I am compatible with SMOK TFV8 V2 Baby coils, a girl's gotta stay humble you know. Anyway can't wait to meet ya, and I'll see you real soon."


  • Likes: Organic cotton, fashion, beauty gurus and MUA's, long introspective and romantic vape sessions... "With dual batteries I can last all night"
  • Dislikes: Smudgy finger prints, Low wattage, When that tea is NOT hot...
  • Favorite Juice: Sad Boy Unicorn Tears
  • Ideal Valentine's Date: Sipping champagne under the moonlight and eating a delicious cake with tons of sweet frosting.


Now let's meet your next potential mate, The Famovape Magma!!


famovape magma mod


The Famovape Magma mod is quite the catch. For those looking for something with a kick, with it's own personality, and a down to earth vibe this is the mod for you. Advanced in all areas, but simple where it matters most to you. This gal loves just going with the flow.


"What's up? I'm kinda new to the dating scene so forgive me if I come off a little forward, I'm brand new at this. I'm really just looking for someone who is down to pal around. I'm a box mod but my shape isn't too bulky so I'm really ready to hit the road, drive around, see where our paths take us. I love color, I love designs and patterns, I love exploration. My favorite types of exploration is exploring the fridge followed by exploring the What's New Section on Netflix, then kicking back and chucking big clods."


  • Likes: Keeping it real, Cheese Its, Big screen TV's "To match my own big TFT Color Display"
  • Dislikes: Arrogance, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, broken tanks
  • Favorite Juice: Milkman Delights Lemon Pound Cake
  • Ideal Valentine's Date: Netflix and Chill


Time to meet our next contender, the Uwell Crown IV

uwell crown 4


If you're looking for a mod to take home to your mother this is the one for you. This class act is a once in a lifetime love with lots to give. Full of love, full of prestige, and not to shabby when it comes to looks. Made for the modern vaper, The Uwell Crown IV has soft curves for a great ergonomic experience, allowing you to hold on to this lovely thing all day long. Don't worry about this one running away or getting worn out, anti-slip and anti-wear silicon protects this beauty for a long and healthy relationship.


"Hi I'm Uwell Crown IV. I come from a pretty well known family but I'm very different. I've spent a lot of time working on myself and figuring out who I am as a mod. I'm durable without being bulky looking, I'm protected without any extra frills, and most importantly, I'm really unlike anyone else in my family. I'm mesh coil compatible, I'm a strongly built mod, and I take a lot of pride in my designs. I'm looking for something long term. I don't wan tot be a side mod just getting lost in the rotation. I'm ready to be your daily mod for years to come. I hope I'm the one you're looking for."


  • Likes: Growing spiritually, experiencing new things, making memories that last forever, stainless steel
  • Dislikes: Anything cheaply constructed, getting worn out, being left behind, blending in with the crowd
  • Favorite Juice: Vape Pink Melon Blast
  • Ideal Valentine's Date: A homemade dinner followed by a long walk through a park.


What a stunning Line Up So Far. But We Aren't Done Yet... Time To Meet Joyetech Ultex...


Joyetech Ultex T80 Kit

If you're looking for a modern, sleek, one of a kind type of mod then look no further. The Ultex is proud to be a modern, new age, innovation! With coil free heating technology that can be cleaned and reused for up to three months, it is no wonder this contender for your heart is already packing up to move in with you.


"It is so exciting to finally meet you. Thanks so much for wanting to know more about me. I know I'm different from the other mods you've met. I get it they're classic beauties, they're reliable, they're trustworthy. But how do you know I'm not all those things and MORE until you give me a shot?! We're put here on this Earth to try new things, and I could change everything you thought you knew about vaping. I understand change is scary, but I'm not intimidating. I have a simple user interface, a sleek and slender chassis, and I'm not too bad on the eyes if I say so myself. You know what? It's fine, say no more. I'll go get my extra NCFilm Heating Elements and I'll meet you in the cart. See you soon! Love you!"


  • Likes: Evolving, sticking around, long lasting relationships, breaking from the norm
  • Dislikes: Constantly changing burnt out coils
  • Favorite Juice: Cookie Twist Strawberry Honey Graham
  • Ideal Valentine's Date: Breakfast in bed


Well we have certainly met some big personalities so far, let's shake it up with a new contender who likes to keep things low key. The Vaporesso Renova Zero!

vaporesso renova zero pod vape device


Keeping things simple is the key to a happy relationship with this mellow pod vape device. Ultra Portable means she is down for anything. Her discrete nature shows she's fine with keeping things low key. Draw activation means she's always ready to go.


"Heeyyy. I'm not about to pretend like I don't know what y'all men are up to, okay? I know you be vapin' in your cubicle, in the bathroom at your mama's house and I get it. You don't want all the attention or all that flair all the time. I feel you.You know, maybe you've got a big mod at home and when you're out at the bar you prefer a little somthin-somethin small and quick, you know? No buttons, no tanks, no hassle, just a quick little hit. But one little hit from me isn't something to look over, okay?! Haha! I use NicSalts baby! So you know you're gonna get that hit. And I got you. That's all I am looking for. Lemme know when you're ready boo."


  • Likes: High Nicotine Levels, OMNI Board chipsets, fully charging up real quick, "Only 45 minutes honey!"
  • Dislikes: Tanks, fire buttons, "It don't take nothing to turn me on, just put me in your mouth baby."
  • Favorite Juice: Pachamama Salt Fuji
  • Ideal Valentine's Date: Just grabbing drinks at the bar then hitting a club!


Let's meet another fun personality, get ready for Vaporesso LUXE ZV

vaporesso luxe zv mod

If your thing is style, unique quirks, and an open-book no-nonsense full-body display well then you're going to take quite an interest in this mod. Vaporesso LUXE ZV Mod is an iconic collaborative effort to bring a unique device to you. 


"Hi, okay so I'm really excited to meet you and all that, or whatever they say in these things? I don't know. I'm really just wanting to get all the awkward stuff out of the way first, you know. Which I guess you can probably already tell everything about me. I've got this gigantic screen that just like literally... it's all there for you to see. I don't really hide anything, I literally just can't. I'm bright, I've got wild designs, I'm freaking big, okay? I take like, two whole batteries... and I've got so many freaking modes, dude, it's insane. You'll never get tired of me, I can promise you that though. Like, I even have pre-heating modes, my guy. Like, what? And I'm a touch screen. Oh my god, I'm so extra but hey that's just me, and you get it all right there."


  • Likes: Art, music, coffee, going to the movie theater "I can relate to that big screen, lol."
  • Dislikes: "I don't know it's hard to really dislike anything. I guess maybe... I don't know... quiet people? I don't hate them I just don't get them. Oh I know, I really dislike simple mods with no variable settings. It's all about customizing those preferences to a T!"
  • Favorite Juice: Puff Labs Circus Cookie Frosting
  • Ideal Valentine's Date: Coffee date, followed by burrito date, followed by ice cream date.


And now to shake things up let's look at what might be a familiar face to some of you. The Nord AIO 22!

SMOK Nord AIO 22 Kit

For some this may come as a shock, a new member of the SMOK family, a familiar face no doubt. But don't let the name fool you, this is an all new experience you aren't soon to forget. With new sleek ergonomics this mod is looking for someone who is just as new to the scene as her. If you're just starting out looking at the vaping scene this is the choice for you. Or if you want to get back to those familiar roots, look no further.


"Hi, this is pretty embarrassing. You might know my family, SMOK? Yeah most people know a lot of us, and it's like you hate us or you love us. But my brother the Nord is pretty popular. I'm new and Nord and I are pretty similar and I figured hey if people like him so much I should put myself out there more. Anyway enough about my family let's talk about me. Oh boy... Uh what to say? Um, I'm designed for sub-ohm mesh vaping which is pretty cool. I'm tiny and I have a built in battery so really, no extra baggage or anything like that. I'm pretty simple. I have a cut off time of 8 seconds so I'm a safe choice. But I'm not boring, okay? I have new tech too, my new mesh coil system makes for some pretty awesome flavor. So if you're willing to give this a shot I'd love to hang out."


  • Likes: Mesh coils, being a part of a bigger picture, large juice capacities, and sunsets.
  • Dislikes: People who judge a book by it's cover, dead batteries.
  • Favorite Juice: Candy King Strawberry Roll
  • Ideal Valentine's Date: Walking through downtown, window shopping, holding hands, reminiscing about the good old days.


And finally, we've saved a real treat for last. Please give a warm welcome to our final contender, the YiHi SXmini Mi Class Pod Device.

YiHi SXmini Mi Class Pod Device

This classy device is a new kid on the block, but we are sure you've heard her name. She's the queen. The myth. The legend. And she wants to be your new favorite pod device. But she is so much more than a pod device. She's an all new vape EXPERIENCE!


"Hi, nice to meet ya. YiHi SXmini Mi Class Pod Device, here. I know, long name. But you'll never forget it. And you won't just never forget my name, you'll never forget ME, okay? I will go with you everywhere. You are going to WANT to show me off. Listen. I am a YiHi! With the SX290 Chip and all! Single button operation. OLED display. Stainless Steel construction!! Boy! I! DO! NOT! PLAY! Okay? I'm a work of art! A goddess among pods. You should thank me for every hit you take. And don't forget... I do not come with pods, okay home boy? You get that stuff separate, and you better get extra. Cause you are not putting me down, understand? You better put! In! The! Work! I am worth it! I am the Beyonce of Pod Vapes."

  • Likes: Attention. Praise. Compliments. Slipping into a nice lint free pocket like a breeze.
  • Dislikes: Fake people. Drab looks. You, when you act up.
  • Favorite Juice: Juice Man Unicorn Frappe NicSalt 
  • Ideal Valentine's Date: You hang out with me all day and never shut up about how amazing I am.


We at the New Mod Dating Game hope you gave these nice gals a click and hopefully, go out on a date. And we hope you guys also really click with each other. 

For the New Mod Dating Game, this has been EightVape. Hope to see you again, and hope you find love.



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    The Vaporesso Luxe ZV and I had wild sex all night on our first date. She’s a keeper!

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