Top Shows of the Decade


Top Shows of the Decade

On this countdown of the decade, I’ve tried to keep it to shows that had more years in this decade than the previous. Shows like Mad Men, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and a few others that wrapped in the start of the decade but were all amazing have been omitted, Their is one exception to that rule. Obviously this is my list of the top ten, if you feel that others should have been on the list, make your own in the comments and let’s discuss. 

Spartacus/ Starz


Spartacus premiered on Starz in January of 2010. From the start it was a hit show, that shattered records as a Gladiator would shatter bones.
This short lived gem still holds up even today. I am convinced that if Andy Whitfield (Spartacus) had not lost his battle with cancer, this series would have ran for more than three years. Now, that’s not to say Liam McIntyre didn’t do an amazing job replacing Andy as the Leader of the Slave revolt, because he did. Starz managed the story and real life tragedy well.

MR. Robot/ USA Network

The Matrix? CyberPunk 2077? Blade Runner? No, this cyberpunk juggernaut is none other than MR. Robot. Rami Malek( Night at the Museum, Bohemian Rhapsody) Stars as Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity/hacker with a myriad of mental health issues. He is recruited by a Hacktivist Group known as fsociety, led by the enigmatic MR. Robot played by Christian Slater( Heathers, Broken Arrow) We follow Elliot down his “Red Pill, Blue Pill” dilemma as he begins working with fsociety.

The Good Place/ NBC


One of the few Network TV shows on this list, The Good Place is a light hearted comedy that tackles some very large and complex issues. Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars,Heroes) Stars are Eleanor, who wakes up in the afterlife and is introduced to Michael, brilliantly portrayed by Ted Danson (Cheers, Becker) as the story unfolds, Eleanor realizes she is there by mistake and that others have ulterior motives. The Show has raked in a whopping 24 awards Including Best Writing, Best Acting, Best show.

Stranger Things/ Netflix

Netflix opened with a roll for initiative with Stranger Things and got a Nat. 20.
If you have no idea what I just said, you might need to check out this incredible series! Chock full of 80’s pop culture references and paying homage to various films, literature, music from the decade, stranger Things is a wonderful blast from the past. Yes, I used Eleven as a joke, It ranks Number Seven on this list.

Peaky Blinders/ BBC & Netflix

Raise your “Red Right Hand”, If you love this show! I am always a sucker for period dramas, especially ones surrounding warfare. 
Peaky Blinders fits both columns. Set in Birmingham, England, we follow a crime family, whose leaders are just returning from WWI. The matriarch of the family “Polly” has been running the operations in their stead and the lads have sights on growing the Family Business, which draws the ire of Chief Inspector Campbell of the Royal Irish Constabulary. This is not a simple Cops and Robbers drama, it is a complex look at ideals, family relationships, political movements and survival. 

The Expanse /SyFy & Amazon

Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck wrote this book series under the pen name James S. A. Corey, winning a Hugo award in 2012 for Leviathan Wakes. Two short years later, The series began filming and premiered on SyFy in 2015. During the third season, SyFy began shopping it around via cancelling the show, Amazon took a page from Netfilx and saved the show! I wonder if Netfilx would have saved Firefly if they were around, but I digress. This show has a number of amazing characters, from The Belt to Mars to Earth and elsewhere, there is never a shortage of action and issues on this hotter than a Flip and Burn show.

The Big Bang Theory/ CBS

“That’s my spot.” One would be seriously remised to omit this show from the decade list. Though it started in 2007, it’s 12th and final season wrapped earlier in 2019. This is one of the shows I give credit to for making “Geek” mainstream. “Bazinga” is now common vernacular, a vast number of people now have a working understanding of String Theory and brought about more love for pop-culture like: Comic Books, Gaming, Star Trek, Star Wars, Con’s, High Fantasy...Etcetera. The list is pretty vast and that’s why we loved it.

Number One: Game of Thrones/ HBO

There is no denying the massive cultural impact of our adventures in Westeros, even if you didn’t watch, you know Winter is Coming. For uber fans of the Book Series it was finally a chance to introduce our friends and family to the treacherous world that George R. R. Martin created. A rich and deep history creates a very real mysticism and lore. There is so much backstory that YouTube channels like: History of Westeros, In Deep Geek, Secrets of the Citadel, Azor Ahype and Crow Foods Daughter sprung up to break down the myths, legends and lore. Episode breakdowns and after shows sprung up too: Rawrist, Ideas of Ice and Fire, Emergency Awesome and GeekChat1. People couldn’t get enough of Thrones. It has had its own dedicated convention since 2017. Con of Thrones will be held this summer in Orlando, Florida. Last year Jamie Lannister and Bronn were among the guests. That should help tide you over until the numerous prequel shows are released. One was cancelled, four or five others remain in the works.

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