Top 8 Super Bowl LVI 2022 Commercials

Super Bowl LVI / NBC

Now that the Super Bowl LVI match is over and the LA Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals on really a 1-yard touchdown by Cooper Kupp in the last minute and a half, we have some business to talk about. The game was intense, but did you also pay attention to the funny and memorable commercials of this year? Here is my top 8 Super Bowl 56 Commercials.

#8 The First-Ever All Electric Chevy-Silverado 

The "Sopranos" and Chevy teamed up to make a memorable commercial with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler as the Soprano's children, Meadow and Aj. The Commercial begins with Meadow driving her Electric Silverado out of the Lincoln Tunnel into and around various spots of New Jersey showcasing some similarities with the actual tv series. At the end, Meadow pulls up to the charging station where her brother AJ receives her with a hug. The irony of this is that Meadow does not know how to parallel park and at the end it shows her just pulling up because of course, she would struggle with parallel parking. 


#7  Sam's Club Scan & Go

Sam's Club teamed up with the comedian Kevin Hart to showcase their scan & Go option in their app to save time when shopping. Instead of grabbing and going to the register, Sam's club offers the option to scan each item as you go and pay for them with a card on file. What made this commercial exceptional, is of course the one and only Kevin Hart who as we know makes everything obnoxiously funny. 


#6  The All-New, All Electric Kia EV6 

With the slogan "Live Fully Charged" Kia showcased his All-New All-Electric Kia with a Robo Dog wanting to feel cared for. He sees Sam Page charging his New All-Electric Kia and follows him until he finally meets him, as he gets closer he runs out of battery. Sam Page charges him and there's that instant awe when you meet a dog for the first time, he takes Robo in and he lives happily charged ever after.


#5 Oikos

Deion Sanders and his son appear on a Oikos Commercial battling each other in a series of tasks to show who is the strongest. Oikos Tripe Zero (Dad) Oikos Pro (son). The Part that had us all rolling on the floor was totally the part where Deion's Mom says "Strength?, How do you think I gave birth to you and your big head" DEFINETELY A BURN!


#4 Hellmann's Mayo Tackles Foods Waste

Jerod Mayo appears on this hilarious commercial where people literally get chased and tackled for wasting food, with the message "Make Taste no Waste". It doesn't matter who you are, if you waste food you get tackled, if you don't believe it, ask Pete Davidson.


#3 Everybody In, General Motors Get Taken Over 

Are you an Austin Powers fan? General Motors created this genius Commercial; about Dr. Evil getting away with his plans on taking over general Motors HQ but what seemed like a success later became unpleasant as Dr. Evil didn't want to be Dr. Good. In a hilarious way he is told to to save the world before he can take over the world. Number Two tells Dr. Evil that due to climate change he is now the number two threat of the world. What really convinced him was Scott's son for which Dr. Evil calls "Baby Me". Haaa classic ! 


#2 Amazon Big Game Commercial: Mind Reader

Amazon did it again, with its hilarious Mind Reader Commercial and how trouble-making and priceless it would be if Alexa could read your mind and do or say what you're thinking out loud as a command. Yeah it would be a bad idea, but definitely not a bad commercial at all. 


#1 Lays, Golden Memories

Frito Lay did an outstanding job with advertising it's products in within various commercials, nonetheless, what really took the price for me is the memories Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd look back at while chatting before Seth's big wedding day with his soon-to-be wife from the first (and let's not forget haunted) house Seth bought. oh you haven't watched it? I encourage you, it is with no doubt one of the funniest commercials of this year.


Runner Up

I couldn't end this blog without providing a runner up, and as a true member at Eightcig I definitely had to pick the BIC EZ Reach Ultimate Lighter. Snoop dog and Martha Stewart advertise the Ez Reach as the "Ultimate lighter for candles, grills, and so much more".


And there you have them, my top 8 Super Bowl LVI 2022 Commercials. 


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