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Top 10 Video Games of the Decade

Jordan Premonics

Posted on December 27 2019

Top 10 Video Games of the Decade

10. Batman: Arkham City

Step into the shoes of a Superhero / Walking Tank and break bad guys spines and necks while never killing anyone because your batman. Oh, you just suplexed this guy into a concrete curb? Yeah he’s fine he’ll just sleep that off -_-

In all seriousness, this game was a gritty action-adventure that did a fantastic job of making you feel like a caped crusader.

9. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 

The game that dragged Zelda back into the modern age of gaming and introduced a massive open world full of Zelda lore for fans to explore. Just don't hit the chickens!

8. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The game that literally destroyed friendships with it’s brutal and cutthroat playstyle. There were a few battle royale games that came out around the same time as PUBG, namely Fortnite, but PUBG was the one that took off first and got the most concurrent players before Fortnite figured out it could make a fortune on selling gambling to children. Once Fortnite paid Drake to make a viral marketing campaign PUBG didn't stand a chance. It doesn't help that this is the game that made Pewdiepie drop the N bomb and lose out on his Disney sponsorship, not very smart of Felix there. 

7. StarCraft 2 

The game that’s single-handedly raising the salinity of Earth’s oceans, StarCraft 2 takes serious gaming to a professional level. One of the first games to ever be played in a gaming tournament, StarCraft 2 relaunched the Esports movement after Counter-Strike tournaments started to dwindle in popularity.

6. Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2 

YEE HAW Partner! Get your 10-gallon hats and strap on your Colt Navy Revolvers cuz it’s cattle rustlin time! Have you ever watched an old spaghetti western movie like Clint Eastwood and said to yourself, hey being a badass cowboy looks like fun! Well thanks to RockStar now you could, this game teleports you right into the ass-less chaps of some of the greatest Americans ever to roam the green pastures of the Midwest.

Not Released (5). Star Citizen

Star Citizen is one of those games that's going to change how video games are made in the future. They’re currently the record holder for largest crowdfunding campaign of all time on Kickstarter at $250,000,000 + and they’re putting that money to good use inventing the new technologies required to actually make the game work. Not to mention the standalone single-player game that’s being developed alongside the MMO Space Sim, Squadron 42, has a hit cast of Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Gary Oldman, and other AAA box office stars.

In addition to handcrafting over a dozen Solar Systems complete with Planets, Stars, Moons, Nebula Clouds, and Space Stations there’s also a slew of new technologies that are being implemented with this game. Including the amazing new Face Over IP software which allows users with a webcam to project their facial expressions onto their characters in real-time. Essentially what that boils down to is deeper player immersion than we’ve ever seen before, you smile and your character smiles, you talk and your character’s mouth moves, if your buddy shouts at you from a distance his voice sounds like it’s coming from far away and not standing right next to you.

4. Journey

A new way to tell stories through video games, the developers of Journey won several awards for Game of the Year and it has become regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time. Taking a unique approach to artistic gameplay, the entire game of Journey is devoid of all text or communication except for the musical notes and shouts players can make to one another. The massive and seeming endless landscapes give way to mystery and intrigue as players make their way through the game. The entire game is meant to be played in one sitting and takes roughly about 3 hours to complete, so I’d say Journey is less of a game and more of an art piece that uses video games as its medium.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Breaking 100 million copies sold, GTAV is the latest iteration in the Grand Theft Auto universe. This version itself had 3 distinct versions, the original game came out on PS3 and Xbox360 Generations while also having an HD version available shortly after launch for PS4 and the upgraded Xbox, then a year later the PC version comes out with even more features.

GTAV is one of those games that has so much multiplayer content in it I’d be surprised if the online portion isn’t still hitting over 50,000 concurrent daily players by the time GTA VI comes out.

2. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

The game you gave your girlfriend to get her into gaming. Skyrim brought fantasy RPG gaming into the 21st century with stunning landscapes and compelling quests. I know more than a few people that have over 200 hours logged into playing this game, mostly because its a very easy game to lose yourself in. There are well over 50 quests in the main storyline, each with their own unique story. Not to mention if you ever get bored of the main quest there’s literally no end to the side quests. Plus, if you beat the game you can go back and replay it with an entirely different playstyle and get a different outcome for almost every quest if you want to.

1. Minecraft 

The number one best selling game of all time, at 180 Million copies sold worldwide, Minecraft reminds us why Lego is one of the most successful toy companies of all time. Creativity and open-world design reign supreme in this video game, instead of asking what can you do in a game players could now ask themselves how do I want to play?

Minecraft changed the way we look at video games forever, introducing an entirely new way of playing. To this day it is consistently one of the top played games in the world on a daily basis. Thanks to the relatively simple design of the game there has also been ample opportunity for community modders to make such drastic changes to the game that it becomes entirely new content, even for a seasoned Minecraft player.


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  • Jason R: January 06, 2020

    Not sure what this has to do with vaping, but why is minecraft #1? Get a life, sales does not reflect quality. Still missing my order aswell

  • Nicole : December 31, 2019

    Bahaha! Thank you I checked them out !

  • Bitchard: December 30, 2019

    That wasn’t directed to you, that was for the moron Richard below. My suggestion is that you shop elsewhere in the future, because EightVape is ripping off customers left and right. Those prices are low because they have no customer service or quality assurance. Marketing and sales are the only things this company cares about. PERIOD. ejuicebogo(.com) and are way better in pricing for juice and always ship super fast.

  • Nicole : December 30, 2019

    Obviously your mom never taught you manners.
    F* you. Wasn’t speaking to you, last I checked . So by all means … insert you head back up your ass where it should have stayed.

    I just want my nicotine and would like a time line.

  • Bitchord: December 30, 2019

    Let me start by saying that you are the IDIOT because your lack of attention to detail is repulsive. Just because you haven’t had any issues doesn’t mean other people haven’t. What the fuck is with people like you, running to the defense of a company who has wronged a customer? Are you a fanboy or are you on the payroll? Either way, you look stupid, so how about you sit down and STFU you little bitch?

    Additionally, this list is pure trash. It’s clear you (the author) have never played Breath of the Wild or probably any Nintendo Switch games ever. You probably just added it to the list because you heard it had to be in the top ten. Your list is missing Witcher 3, FFXV, Super Smash Bros and Super Mario Odyssey.

  • Nicole : December 30, 2019

    I don’t care much about the top 10 list. I’ve always had good luck ordering from eight vape. I get 95 % of my supplies from them since we started vaping. I have sent friends and coworkers to their company. I just wish someone would let me know how backed up they are so I can make other plans waiting for my regular shipment. I would be happy to take different colored vape units if it helped and they ran out of something during their holiday sales. I added two vaporesso units to my regular juice order. If they are holding up my units processing I’m willing to wait for them. But I need my nicotine unfortunately in my juice. I have to travel an hr. Dr. To a decent vape shop. If I need to get stuff to tide me over I’d like to have an idea how much to get. Communication of just a we are working hard to catch up and we are experiencing xxxx days lead times would be helpful and keep your calm customers content even if it’s a shocker of how backed up. You would save yourself a lot of bad press if you just told people a best attempt of how long for processing. I checked the Facebook page and people are making nasty comments. Some are long time customers that are just frustrated with getting sales adds in the email rather than a blanket text of expected delays of … amount of time.

    Thank you
    Happy new year.
    My husband and I are starting to guard our juice stash from each other 😂 and it’s getting ugly .. I catch him smoking mine so he doesn’t run out of juice before me. Not good guys and gals.

  • Austin: December 30, 2019

    I really don’t get what people are so mad about, I’ve ordered probably 30 times from eightvape and have gotten every single package without delay, I’ve used the 5 dollar of coupons on items and only had to pay shipping, basically getting juices and pod devices for free and still they always get delivered.
    I disagree with this top 10 list mainly because The Witcher 3 isn’t on it. It has sold something like 30-40 million copies and it regarded as a masterpiece.

  • Richard: December 29, 2019

    Let me start by saying your an IDIOT!!! Some of us like the blog posts. I for one have never had a problem with the company. So just sit down and STFU!!!

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