The 5 Best Vape YouTube Channels to Watch


When Searching for Vaping content, YouTube has become one of the best sources to learn from. Whether you are searching for new products reviews, best product reviews, how to do or use tutorials, or simply for entertainment purposes, YouTube comes in handy as it has a variety of creators that not only provide facts, but also are fun to watch. With no more wait, here's a list of 5 Vaping YouTube Channels that you should definitely Watch. 


Phil Busardo is the one Youtuber people often search when it comes to vaping info, his content is not only entertaining but the information he provides is always on point. PBUSUARDO also co-hosts a show called the Smokers Show with Dimitris Agrafiotis from VapinGreek. Phil Busardo can relate to a lot of his viewers as he once was a smoker and then transition to e-cigs, his passion and dedication to his posting has drawn him a wide viewership on his online channels. One more important aspect about PBUSARDO is that he also uses Facebook as one of his platforms for which it becomes convenient to those who prefer Facebook. 


Cannabis Capitol Network / Vape Capitol 

with the Motto: "We are Vapers, We Love this Community and We are the Cloud Connection", Vape Capitol is the YouTube channel you want to subscribe to if what you're looking for is to learn and admire all the possible tricks that can be done with smoke



Nick from GrimmGreen is a guy who "likes to smoke a lot", that is the main aspect that compares to a lot of his viewers. Nick is the type of guy who tries the product, discerns the product, enjoys the product and then he goes on YouTube and tells you about his experience with whatever the product is that he's reviewing.

GrimmGreen is one of the first YouTube channels that started talking about the vaping industry, which kind of set the bar high for the rest of the YouTuber's wanting to enter and talk about the industry. Nick Reviews from RDA's to vape juice, and even any vaping news. Check him out, he is known for getting his viewers hooked on his Channel.



If you're searching for a funny, truly informative and easy YouTube video to watch IndoorSmokers is really what you're looking for. Indoor Smoker focuses on product details and entertainment.

IndoorSmoker is from Washington State and sometimes does talk about the Seattle Seahawks, if you like the Seahawks you will mostly enjoy his humor, if not just hang in there because he truly is a cool dude with a lot of humor and a lot of character who will really make you want to try the products he is reviewing.  


Mike Vapes

The keep on vaping master, yes, I am talking about Mike Vapes! Mike is a dry humor YouTuber who specializes on reviewing vaping devices, tanks, and e-juices. He started vaping at 24, and ever since then it changed his life, and now he is a famous YouTuber who will get you engaged and ready to try the products he reviews.


There you have them! Check out these five Youtubers, and comment below what you think about them. 

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