Bong vs. Bubbler vs. Rig vs. Chillum vs. Pipe


Before we discuss which one is better, we must address each product and their functions. Whether you prefer a Bong or a Pipe, my goal at the end of this article is for you to decide which one best describes your smoking preferences, and which of all (or perhaps all) you would be interested in giving a try. With no more wait, let’s get right into it!


Bongs come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, some are more simple, while others a bit more extravagant. Nonetheless all types of bongs have one goal in common: provide you a cool, creamy and smooth smoking experience. Here is how that happens, Bongs generally feature a small bowl that holds dried herb, when you light it at the same time as you’re inhaling through the top pipe, the water at the bottom of the glass bubbles or better said percolates which then causes the smoke to rise through the water then the chamber before entering your lungs then BAMB !! smoothness everywhere.


Bubblers and Bongs can be alike, although Bubblers are smaller and resemble a Pipe. Just like Bongs, Bubblers use the water system to help filter the smoke helping create that smooth pull. Allow me to note that some Bubblers can have either a fixed bowl or a ground joint and they cannot be removed. Aside from this, what most people like about Bubblers is really the size and the water filter, because it can be carried as a Pipe but smoked as a Bong, how convenient! 



A Dab Rig contains an out of this world flavor, and this is why: Dab Rigs come in different sizes and surprisingly the smallest Rigs contain the most flavor due to less glass contact and more concentrate punch. Basically, Dab Rigs use concentrates that are heated with a torch and a nail. What makes the flavor pop is the heat control that evaporates the Cannabinoids and Terpenes leaving you with an indescribable taste, you really have to try it yourself.


A Chillum is a Hand-Pipe that although is lightweight and packs a small amount of herb, you get more out of every hit. This happens because the pathway between the packed herb to the mouthpiece is clear, for which it helps to inhale directly giving a heartier result.


The classic choice, Pipes are often the first glass through which people smoke THC because one, a friend had one and two, they are so small and easy to carry. Pipes can be made out of clay, wood, metal, ceramic, or glass. Pipes have two ends: the bowl and the mouthpiece, you simply pack the herb in the bowl, light it, and inhale through the mouthpiece. Although the hit might be a bit harsher due to the hotter temperature of the dried herb when lighted on and the distance between the bowl and the mouthpiece, The taste is stronger and you do get the full Cannabis flavor.


There you have them! Whether you've only tried one or none, you should definitely give them all a try and see for yourself which one is the best option for your recreational preferences.

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