Stocking Your Supply For Shortages


Stocking Your Supply For Shortages

As the Coronavirus ravages it’s way through China, and now the rest of the world, we here in the vaping world are being hit by a shortage of all things vape. The thing that most people might not know about vaping is that it was invented in China and, like the entire electronics industry, almost 95% of the products on the market are made in China. Currently, I believe there are only a few factories working and all of those are working with a minimal workforce so we can’t expect production to ramp up to previous levels for some time.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, in between stocking up on my own supply of vape gear I think I may have come up with the solution to all of your vape shortage conundrums. I say if we can’t get new coils from overseas, why not just make our own and go back to rebuildables? If you don’t know about rebuildable vaping I’ll give you a quick crash course. 

The Rebuildables category basically consists of any vape tanks that feature a handmade coil installed on an open build deck, as opposed to sub-ohm tanks that use core/chimney based coils build into a pre-wicked cotton structure. RDA ( rebuildable dripping atomizers ) RTA and RDTA ( basically RDA with a tank attached) all fall under this category. The benefits of rebuildables really can’t be understated, they’ll often have better flavor, more customizable airflow options, and best of all you can make the coils yourself if you have a few tools on hand!

As far as rebuildables go there’s a few that I’ll endorse outright as being my personal favorites but only one that I’ll push onto users new to the rebuildable world. That’s got to be the Digiflavor Drop RDA series, just because they’re so easy to work with and get consistent results every time. It has a wide-open build deck with two posts for dual coil builds, high quality plated materials, and a unique series of airflow slots designed to provide for most customizable airflow out of any vape tank.

Make sure you pick up a DIY kit too, most of the tools you can supplement things you already have around the house for but there’s a few that you cant. Most things like the wire clippers and gauge wraps can be replaced by pliers with wire cutters and a decently thin screwdriver. But something like the ceramic tweezers, which you actually do need to fine-tune your coil installation, is not easy to find outside of the vaping world. 

If there’s anything I learned over the years it’s always better to have something you don’t need than to not have it on hand if you actually do need it. We don’t currently know when the vape manufacturing industry will return to its full strength, but in the meantime, rebuildables will be there to satisfy your needs!


  • Posted on by Tresia Lancaster

    I need to get some juice .But the only kind I use is Pop Cloud Blue Razz .Please let me know when you will have it in stock ????

  • Posted on by Tanya Ferguson

    I appreciate the suggestion on making your own coils, but, I have severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands & I would have had surgery by now if not for the outbreak. Anyways, using my hands on a delicate project such as this, could leave me with something that is too dangerous to use & I can guarantee that it won’t look anything like a coil when I’m done. I kinda anticipated this sort of thing would happen so I ordered spare coils a while back. My problem is getting juices I like & I can afford. I check this site & many others every few days & everything I can afford is always OUT OF STOCK. So if you can write an article on any suggestions you might have on how to get by on the ejuice front, I know I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You!!!

  • Posted on by Bryan May

    if it tasted like meth you did it wrong

  • Posted on by Tanji O

    We need more Novo 2’s and Novo 2 pods. Been waiting for too long for these to stock up and they never do. Most colors are gone and they never come back in stock. Please help us out I’m not the only one.

  • Posted on by Rachel m

    While I appreciate what this article is saying, I HARE the rta flavor, it reminds me of the smell/taste of methamphetamines — I couldn’t imagine going back!! I will be placing an order for coils today though!

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