Product Preview: the SMOK FORTIS Kit

A promotional image of two SMOK vape kits atop a dark background with text.

The SMOK Fortis Kit

This new SMOK vape release is yet another in a long line of impressive new 2021 vapes. This kit has a small, sleek appearance similar to a pod device but lacks nothing as far as power goes. It uses a single battery and offers a 6.5ml e-liquid capacity in the included new TFV18 mini tank. Read on to learn about all of the new tech and convenient features built into the new SMOK Fortis kit.

 Six SMOK Fortis vape kits displayed in different colors and labelled accordingly.

Fortis Kit Colors

There are six color choices for the SMOK Fortis, including SMOK's popular 7-Color option. The device's atomizer matches the ergonomic leather handgrip and panels on the mod for a succinct, coordinated appearance. 

 An exploded view of the SMOK Fortis vape kit.

A Closer Look at the SMOK Fortis

Like all kits, the Fortis is comprised of an atomizer and a mod. The atomizer included in your Fortis kit features a 6.5ml e-liquid capacity and is attached to the mod via a 510 connection. It also offers adjustable airflow so you can create the perfect puff.

The Fortis mod is powered by a single vape battery. An 18650 battery will allow you to reach up to 80W output, while a 21700 can go up to 100W. The mod also contains an 0.96-inch TFT screen, with six color scheme displays to customize. Use the screen to track your puffs, adjust your wattage, and monitor your battery life. The mod also houses the Type-C charging port beneath the screen.

A SMOK vape mod and three SMOK TFV tanks with their measurements indicated.

Fortis Specifications

The Fortis mod stands 94mm tall with a base area of 32.4x38.8mm. There are three tank options (one included in your kit) that can be used with the Fortis mod. Read on to discover which SMOK TFV tank is best for you.

Text over a dark background describing SMOK tank specifications.

TFV Tank Compatibility and Specs

The SMOK Fortis kit comes with a TFV18 Mini tank (it even arrives in a matching color to the Fortis mod). However, the Fortis mod can also use the TFV-Mini V2 tanks. All of these SMOK atomizer options are built to last from stainless steel and are available in matching colors to the mod. The primary difference between these tanks, as you'll notice above, is their e-liquid capacity. The TFV18 tank included in your Fortis kit has the largest juice chamber at 6.5ml.

Four SMOK coils with details listed beneath them.

SMOK Coil Introduction

Because the Fortis kit is compatible with multiple TFV tanks, it can also support a variety of coils. Above you'll find detailed information about the included Mini V2 S1 coil as well as the optional V18 coils that can be used with your Fortis and its TFV18 Mini tank.

Whether you prefer stronger flavor, larger cloud production, or a longer lifespan, there is a perfect coil for your SMOK Fortis.

A SMOK Fortis vape kit with all included parts displayed and listed.

Fortis Kit Contents

The SMOK Fortis is a complete kit that contains a Fortis mod in your color choice, a matching TFV18 Mini tank, two V18 meshed coils (both 0.2ohm, with one pre-installed in the tank), a bulb glass tube replacement, a Type-C charging cable, and a user manual. The only other required parts are a vape battery (either 18650 or 21700) and your favorite e-liquid.

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