Functionality and the Lyra 200W TC Box Mod

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While box mod and battery mod styles are quietly coalescing into compact and built-in battery designs that feature ultra-portability and minimalistic fashion, there remains a demographic of vape users who prioritize functionality over style. 

These users, who make up a considerable portion of the vaping industry, are more concerned with software features and engineering specs than the design of chassis and bodies themselves—practical users with tendencies that lean toward pragmatism rather than aestheticism. My last article, Shifting Paradigms and the Popularization of the Compact Mod, explored aesthetics and fashion sensibilities chiefly, so I've decided today to write something with the group of less superficial users in mind. 

Helping me to explore still-available options for pioneering functional mods is the Lyra Mod and Lyra Sub-Ohm Tank: a new release from Modefined. 



While the Lyra Mod features modest parameters in comparison to larger box mods (89.5mm x 48mm x 30.7mm,) it still requires two 18650 lithium batteries to operate. Its design is also akin to the majority of typical box mods, with a rectangular shape, large OLED screen, and a range of control modes for customized optimization.

A few distinctions, however, set it apart: 

  • The body and chassis are made from the proprietary ULTEM material, a lightweight, durable, and high-quality construction item that lends the Lyra an exceptionally light weight. 
  • The battery door can be locked via a durable control switch, ensuring that, unlike mechanical hinges, the mechanism won't break down after long periods of use.
  • The stainless steel 510 atomizer connector is situated in the middle of the head of the mod, allowing for a uniquely situated appearance. 
  • Most significantly, the 1.3" OLED Color Screen features a speedometer gauge that displays output power when firing, and an analog time clock when the machine is in passive mode. High-tech, mature functionality. 

A range of modes are also included in the Lyra 200W chipset:

  • Temperature Control Mode for Ti, Ni, and SS. 
  • Bypass Mode
  • And TCR Mode

Unlike many compact mods, ultra-portable mods, built-in battery mods, and Pod Mods, the Lyra 200W Mod can be set to accommodate a litany of personalized functionalities, giving the user a certain depth with their possible vaping experience (otherwise impossible with less advanced hardware). And that can be extremely attractive to a lot of users. In fact I have coworkers, who have been vaping for some time and who use vaping devices to express their personality, who still favor functional mods for the very reason that they can determine the way in which they vape. It's common, and for so many, looks and style, new fashions and bold colors, carry less weight than practicality and software function. 

My thoughts: 

My thoughts are that I like this vape. I like the airflow out of the Lyra Sub-Ohm Tank, which generates plumage as well as any popular atomizer, and I like the high-powered capabilities that make the Lyra Mod  a capable machine. What I especially like is the clock—mostly because I find it to be a harmonious feature of both aesthetics and function (i.e. it looks good and it provides a practical service). Control modes are going to be a big selling point for this mod because so many functional users elect to set temperature roofs so that the flavor tastes exactly the way they want. I've tried out this functionality as well, and it is very good. I can see myself toying with the ranges and graphs to find the best flavor range and temperature output. And this thing is lightweight, which I think is a favorable quality for those sticking to functional mods. Like I said in my last article, pulling a brick out of your pocket is uncomfortable, lurid, and camp. If you're going to have a high-powered mod, you might as well keep it light. In that vein, I think the Lyra Mod and Tank are perfect for any user looking to upgrade to a new functional vape. It has as many features as other functional vapes, but it's easily portable too. 

Thanks for reading. 

Justin Troyer
Head of Content Development 
Eightcig LLC


You can purchase the Lyra Mod and Tank on



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