EightVape's Tank Tuesdays: The TOP 5 Mesh Coil Tanks



Already in 2018, we have seen the rise and fall of various vaping trends.

Compact mods and "baby" kits are selling well, nic salt E-Liquids and CBD juices are replacing their less creative predecessors, and red, dazzling, and purple colors are becoming more favored over the classic white and black variants. 

It can often be ambiguous what causes these shifts, which affect the habits of millions of people. Why a certain color becomes popular one month and then gets replaced the next, or why smaller mods are suddenly more fashionable than larger ones. A graduate student, I'm sure, could break it down for me, tell me what caused what, but most often, these things seem random. 

However there is one constant that remains clear when assessing marketplace shifts. One guaranteed factor proven to change sales and alter purchasing behavior. One thing always certain to change the game. 


If a product can do what other products have done before it, but better, there will always be a market for that item. If the product can improve customers' experiences while retaining the same price point, it will be hastily accepted as the new standard. 



Offering more surface area and a unique burning behavior, the mesh coil is said to guarantee better flavor, greater cloud production, and improved battery efficiency.

At EightVape, we have experienced a drastic uptick in the demand for mesh coils and mesh tanks, and have since been selling less regular sub-ohm coils. The reasons for this are due to product improvement. 

Still, whether or not the mesh coil is a trend depends on its degree of efficacy retention. If it remains the best coil on the market, then people will continue to buy it. Until something replaces it, it will lead in market sales. For the foreseeable future, though, this improved style shows no signs of dropping off. 

In honoring the coils that have improved the experiences of so many, I've compiled a TOP 5 List of Mesh Coil Tanks, which I based on customer ratings, feedback, and sales. 





#5: The VooPoo UFORCE T1 Tank


Available in nearly every color combination imaginable, the UFORCE T1 Tank is a compact and swanky, ingenious little system. The vertical mesh coil heats up quickly and delivers a large amount of vapor, and lasts longer than its non-mesh alternatives. The body design of the sub-ohm tank is steampunk-inspired, with a knurled bottom airflow cap and matching ring above the tank. Available in 6 base colors, which include Black, Red, Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Rainbow, and varying body colors, the UFORCE T1 Tank can be bought in 18 different styles. 

A 3.5mL glass tube and a 8.0mL bulb glass tube are included with purchase. 

With 11 customer reviews on our site, the UFORCE T1 Tank is rated 4.5/5 stars. 


#4: The SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince Tank


A tank that I'm sure many of you are familiar with, the SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince comes in 4th in our TOP 5 LIST of mesh coil tanks. Hugely popular and the topic of much discussion, the Baby Prince comes in 10 colors and features a convenient lock-n-fill refilling apparatus that ensures the security of your favorite E-Liquid. 

Buying SMOK coils worries a lot of people, as, especially last year, many of them didn't work. People have complained about the manufacturing process at the SMOK plant, and it seems those complaints have gotten back to them. We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the mesh coils made by SMOK. Clint, on our website's Customer Reviews section says he "loves the baby mesh," and David Cisneros on May 28th said, "so glad they now have the mesh soooo much better!" 

It appears that SMOK has stepped up their game, so if you get a kit with the Baby Prince included, or you have one sitting around, I highly recommend taking the mesh coils for a test drive. I think you'll be pleased. 


#3: The iJoy Avenger Tank 


The iJoy Avenger Tank features a high-quality stainless steel construction and is one of the newest tanks on our site. It is outfitted with a dual-slotted bottom adjustable airflow, and is available in 7 different colors.

Brandon Anderson, on June 02, said, "with the mesh coils it is perfect," and Scott, on April 10th, said, "the Avenger Tank with the X3-mesh coil is fantastic...I give it two thumbs way up!"

Another reason this tank has been selling well is because of the color options that are available. The Blue variant looks particularly cool, and the Resin variant is one-of-a-kind. 

With over 21 customer reviews on our site, the iJoy Avenger Tank is rated 5/5 stars. 


#2: The HorizonTech Falcon Tank 



One of the first sub-ohm systems to offer mesh coil options, the Horizon Falcon Tank comes as runner-up in our TOP 5 LIST. Featuring a 5mL E-Juice capacity, with a bulb glass option for an increased reservoir, this tank has a unique body design and comes in various colors. 

The mesh coils are made from wood pulp and cotton, unlike the wire most commonly used with other tanks. This leads to a tasting experience that is unique to the Horizon Falcon Tank, but one that is certainly good. 

An anonymous customer review on May 26th said, "Ordering another one. [love emoji] [love emoji]." Another anonymous review said, "the mesh coil is amazing. I'm starting to only want mesh coils for all my tanks." 

With 114 customer reviews on our site, the Horizon Falcon Tank is rated 5/5 stars. 


#1: The Freemax FireLuke Mesh Tank 



And we have a winner. The FireLuke Mesh Tank; featuring a 24mm diameter base with threaded top-filling design and a cool 3mL E-Juice capacity. 

The FireLuke Mesh comes in a host of styles, with base options ranging between Metal, Resin, and Carbon Fiber for 18 available color options.

Diane on Customer Reviews says the coils "last for weeks." P on June 05th, said "mesh coils — great flavor and vapor output," and Jessica called the tank an "O.G," saying that it's "an originator of the mesh sub-ohm movement." 

We have over 100 customer reviews on our site for the FireLuke Mesh, and it is rated 5/5 stars. 




You can purchase all of these items on EightVape.com. 100% authentic products. Lowest prices guaranteed. 

Thanks for reading! 


Justin Troyer
Head of Content



  • Posted on by Robert Gore

    Horizon Falcon is the best overall.

  • Posted on by Jerome Avate

    The fact that geekvape aero mesh didn’t make it yet the smok baby did just shows how bs this list is. Baby coils interchange with my aero and with no vape shop having geekvape coils in a pinch subbed smok baby mesh coils instead and what a mistake and waste of money. Smok coils are garbagetting can see the difference in quality sitting next to the geekvape coils. 1Falcon 2aero mesh 3fireluke mesh. How anything smok can make any best list I will never kno

  • Posted on by Matthew Bowdoin

    I carry 3 of the top 5 with me at all times…plus the Revvo by Aspire (only thing I’ve found even close to Mesh). Mesh is the Future. Waiting on the TFV12 Cobra edition before I buy again.

  • Posted on by stephen yhelka

    i’ve got all 5 of these tanks & i’d rate ‘em different, but still – the fireluke is by far the noisiest of all the airflows while the u-force is more quiet. a good thing is the fireluke & u-force coils are interchangeable. the avenger isn’t bad (besides the RED seals!- yuk!); it’s a 25mm n short so it looks dope. i’m not crazy about the baby beast, but then again i never was. i like the horizon falcon cause it’s a 25mm as well and it comes w/a fat-ass resin 510 & regular 510 drip tips; the flavor is strong too

  • Posted on by Ugie moore

    I now own five (yes count them 5) fireluke mesh and adore them the flavor is top notch and the longevity of the coils is barnone if you haven’t given them a go.. do your taste buds and wallet a favor and BUY ONE💜😘💨

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