EightVape's Guide for Summer Vaping


Summer is upon us and all across the country vapers are setting out to make memorable adventures. However, they don’t always have the right tools to make their experience go the smoothest. Here at EightVape want to help our would-be adventurers find the best equipment for their outings, no matter what they may be and to do so, we have put together a little summer-time guide to help.


The most important part of any concert or festival is finding out the regulations the venue has on vape devices. While ultimately healthier and more appealing than cigarette smoke, many places have paired the two, very different, methods which creates a moment of pause for vapers. The last thing you want to do is miss out on your favorite band because you get kicked out for giving that security guard a faceful of Junky’s Stash Buried Yesterday. 

For venues more lenient on their policies, there’s two routes you can go to get the most out of your time. There’s the more discreet approach, getting a device like the JUUL All in One Starter Kit with Vape Juice PODS that will help get you in and out with minimal distraction from the show. 

However there’s always the completely other option of letting your inner rockstar flourish and go all out. Nothing will catch eyes faster than a flashy mod or especially a light up coil such as the SMOK Prince V12-T10 Light Up Red replacement coil. For more info you can check out a previous blog covering the SMOK Prince V12-T10 Light Up Red replacement coil. 


For vapers with flashy mods of their own, be sure to check out our current content contest where you can win 3 different tiers of store credit to customize your mod even more.



For those looking to get more in touch with nature, you’re already a step ahead. With one of the biggest detriments to nature being forest fires, which fun fact: only YOU can prevent, Vaping provides a much safer alternative than cigarette counterparts. However, with pros comes the con that unless you plan on bringing along a really long extension cord you do run the risk of running out of power, especially if you’re planning on camping.

Another factor is that when hiking or camping, the lighter the better. So you may want to look into something a little more compact and lightweight for your outdoor adventures, as something bigger and cumbersome may be a bit much to work with repeatedly. A great option is the newly released Vaptio C-Flat Executive Ultra-Portable System Kit with a compact, sleek design with great flavor. 


Lastly, a great addition to any trip is a way to enjoy just enough of the perks of civilization while not ruining your wilderness immersion. This Cuboid All in One Audio Lamp is a great option to provide music, a source of light, and usb ports for your internal battery vapes to recharge while also maybe keeping bears away...bear prevention not guaranteed.




The chances of swimming during summer are about as likely as getting sunburned. Now in most cases swimming and vaping doesn’t mix, but with some waterproof options like the GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Kit you never have to worry about damaging your device to the watery depths, no matter if you’re out in the ocean or your kiddie pool in the backyard.


Also nothing says summer time at the pool than a nice cold dessert to cool you from the inside out. Why not try an ice cream vape juice such as My Man from One Hit Wonder or even better look check out our blog of the Top 5 Summer Vape Juice Flavors for even more ideas.



So what’s everyone’s favorite part of every summer trip? Obviously the driving...okay maybe not but unfortunately if you’re planning to get the most out of your summer you’re going to be hitting the road more than a few times. The only thing worse than having to drive for hours, sit in traffic jams, and be stuck with your “quirky” co-pilot’s music collection is having to stop at sketchy rest stops to charge up your vape. So instead why not bring along the Efest LUC V4  with it's car adapter and ability to charge 4 batteries at once  so that you can stay on the road and get to where you’re headed faster, just lay off the large drinks as well.



Some people decide to stay right in their backyard over music festivals and trips to beach and some of the really ambitious individuals want to get their hands dirty. Nothing feels more satisfying than putting something together and being able to look over your handy work in pure enjoyment. Whether it be a new pool, porch, or finally giving Rover a house out back, Do-it-Yourself work flourishes in summer time and your vaping experience doesn’t have to be any different. Why not get the rush of self achievement from making your own coils,for example, and with the Coil Master DIY Kit you’ll have everything you could possibly need.


Stay Safe

The most important part of having summer time fun is making sure you’re there for next summer as well. So while you’re living the life of adventure and spontaneity make sure you’re taking care of yourself and also you’re vape. For a preview into another segment we’re producing, here are the remnants of what used to be one of you readers’ MiPod. This poor fella was left in a car and with the extreme temperatures, the device was destroyed in no time. Believe it or not, this is actually the better After picture, as the battery had expanded and was too dangerous to handle at that time. So make sure you’re not leaving your devices in direct sunlight, and especially cars, for too long.


Here at EightVape we want you all to enjoy the next few Summer months and get the most out of your times out and about. Hopefully you found a few tips here and if you come up with your own or want to share your vape excursions, feel free to share them with us on social media, or here in the comments, and we’ll put together a follow up with Audience responses.

Until then, Happy Vaping.

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