ANNOUNCING: EightVape's Cloud Chasing Contest


ANNOUNCING: EightVape's Cloud Chasing Video Contest 

Calling all EightVape gladiators: our newest video contest is here. If you think you've got the stuff to stand out, polish off those tanks and fire up those mods and get ready to f***** rumble. 

Let me ask you something: how much cloud could a vape buff puff if a vape buff could puff clouds? 

It's time to find out.

Cloud chasers, puff lovers, vape bros and girls, it's time to SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!!!!! 

Our Newest Video Contest: 

Starting Wednesday, 07/25/18, and going on to Wednesday, 08/08/18, EightVape will be accepting submissions for our Largest Vape Cloud Community Contest. Members of our community will have 2 weeks to submit their videos and potentially win over $80.00 in store cash. 

The rules are simple: videotape yourself blowing the largest vape cloud possible. You can zoom out, change the angle, pan upward, whatever you want. (No special effects though, Michael Bay). 

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the protocol: 

  • No stealing. your videos are important to us but we want them to be yours.
  • Videos should be at least 5 seconds. Can be as lengthy as you want just as long as you’re cloud chasing!.
  • Email your videos to using
  • Or tag us on Instagram, @eightvape_lv, in your stories & posts. You can also slide them in our DM's 😉
  • Provide your name, email, phone number, and your social media usernames in the email so we can contact you if you win.

Deadline to submit is August 8th!!!

Good luck #vapefam !! 


  • Posted on by Billy

    I think this is a great idea

  • Posted on by Steve

    I want in

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