EightVape Reviews: The Revenant Cartel 160W Mod


EightVape Reviews: The Revenant Cartel 160W Mod

A collaboration between Revenant Vape, Cartel Mods, and Vaporesso has excited the vaping community with the release of the Revenant Cartel 160W Mod, a marriage of advanced technology and artistic design that comes at a rarer frequency than we'd like. Boasting the legendary OMNI chipset, as well as a number of added features, the Cartel 160W Mod promises a optimal vaping experience at the technical level. But with the addition of stabilized wood designs and swirled resin extracts for added color options, this mod seems to have it all. Coming to EightVape for only $99.90 ($199.99 MSRP, $149.99 on VaporDNA), the Cartel 160W is selling out faster than any device we've ever seen. 

In an attempt to understand the craze, I've taken a sample mod for the purposes of doing a review, getting down to the user experience, and if you're thinking about purchasing the Cartel 160W, this article will tell you what you need to know. 


At first look and feel, the Cartel Mod surprises you. It's a compact design, smaller than what I gleaned from the photos on our store. Dimensions measure 95.2 x 51.2 x 26.2mm, which is a little thinner than the VooPoo Drag. Unlike the VooPoo Drag, the Cartel 160W doesn't have set colors, only a set frame, which comes in black or silver. The resin and stabilized wood portions of device's style are 100% unique. You won't know what color or colors you're going to get when you buy your mod. Here's a look at one of the resin designs:


And another: 


I think one of the things that makes the Cartel 160W so incredible is it's guaranteed singularity. There's no one anywhere who's going to have the same design as you. And of all the colors that I've seen, not one of them is wanting. I hope you get a red one, though. People like that one so much, they're selling for higher prices than their alternatives on Ebay. (Not cheaper than EightVape, though, unfortunately). 

The stabilized wood mods have sold out on EightVape, at a price point of over $200. But I like the swirled resin designs more. They have more color variants, they look deeper and more vibrant, and they also feel very, very smooth. 

The hand feel of this mod is something I want to talk about before we move on to the device's performance. It's got a silky texture that's wonderful to to the touch. Ergonomic and comfortable. I caught myself sitting with the device in my hand not even vaping it. It's just a pleasure to hold. It also has a scratch-resistant gloss on the paneling that protects the resin from accident and harm. Something to keep your mod looking as high-quality as it is. 



I spent the better part of a day getting to know the technical features of the Cartel 160W Mod, and utilizing those features to their max. The OMNI chipset installed in the Cartel Mod is something I'm familiar with, and very happy to test drive, but the Cartel 160W actually has a list of added features that excited me even more. See here:

  • Smart VW – Detects new atomizers and sets the wattage to the optimal power associated with the resistance of the atomizer. The user can still adjust the wattage any time they want. That setting is saved until the atomizer is removed and replaced.
  • Custom Curve of Wattage (CCW) – Allows the user to program a custom vaping curve, changing in 0.5 second increments.
  • Custom Curve of Temperature (CCT) – Allows the user to program a custom vaping curve, changing in 0.5 second increments, while the device is in Temperature Control Mode.
  • BYPASS – Allows user to handle the Cartel 160W as a mechanical device.


These added features are what set the Cartel 160W apart from other DNA Chip and stabilized wood mods on the market—the ability to program semi-complex adjustments easily from the options menu. 

I was most excited about the performance of the CCW Mode. I attached a DigiFlavor Drop Solo with a dual clapton build rated at 0.48ohm and I set the curve (easy to program) to hit the claptons very hard, and then back off for a soft finish. I was met with delicious flavor and great cloud production. I vaped with the CCW Mode for awhile, and figured out that the possibilities are nearly infinite. You can set any kind of curve you want, right on the go, without the need of a computer or software upgrades. 

The Smart VW feature worked well with both the DigiFlavor Drop Solo and my Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm tank. the Drop Solo was set for 60W, and the Mesh Pro was set for 45W. Very good flavor production. Users who want more clouds will have to ramp up the wattage a little more, but they won't get as much flavor. 

Next up for performance grading is the Temperature Control Mode, which was another success. I used my Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank and selected TC SS mode. At SS 0.15ohm, Temperature Control was set at 200℃. Great flavor, good density, and plenty of clouds. No warmth or hotness. 



It's rare that I see a mod perform so well and at the same time satisfy my expectations for design, all-the-while retaining a price point for under $100. Most DNA mods are similar to this one and more expensive—but I'd buy the Cartel 160W before I bought one of them. The OMNI chipset is great—instant firing, accurate temperature and data readings, good display, and a plethora of user control settings. The added features like the CCW Mode are an even cooler addition to the Cartel 160W's performance. I used both sub-ohm single coil tanks, and a dual coil rebuildable, and I was pleased with both. 

The swirled resin designs on the mod, as well as the frame, are high-quality and wear-resistant. Polished, with a silky texture. Great hand feel, great ergonomics, and a beautiful style. I'm very strict with aesthetics, but I like the Cartel 160W

All-in-all, I recommend this item. I know that tons of our customers are pleased, and most of the other websites online (even the ones selling the mod at $149.99) are sold out. It may be a limited edition run; we don't know for sure. But if it is, you're going to want to pick one up from EightVape. You could sell it one day for a lot more. 


Most Important

EightVape is currently hosting a promotion with the Cartel 160W Mod. Members of our community who purchase a mod will receive one vape juice of any size, flavor, or brand absolutely free. You can even get our Cuttwood Unicorn Milk 120ml, MSRP $49.99. Just add the vape juice to your cart, along with the Cartel 160W Mod, and the deduction will take place at checkout. 

All love #vapefam. 


Justin Troyer
Head of Content


You can check out the Revenant Cartel 160W Mod on EightVape.com.

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