The vaping world knows that the battery is the most important part of the mod. The introduction of mods into the vaping world brought with it additional power requirements. Sorry to quote the well-known cliché, ‘with great power comes great responsibility,’  but for this purpose, the shoe fits.

Mods are designed to give out more vapor faster, so that you can get the throat hit desired. But this advancement requires more power to work effectively; hence, the battery is considered the most important part.

It goes without saying that care is needed when handling all forms of batteries. Using the wrong battery could literally end up blowing up in your face. Imagine hooking up your flashlight to your wall socket—you'd end up with broken glass particles all over the floor. Picking a wrong battery for your mod could end up in almost the same way, only now you might be nursing a scar on your face, as well. Selecting the right battery guarantees you safe usage of your mod for all your vaping needs, for the lifetime of the battery, and ensures proper functioning of the mod. Using the wrong battery could either result in over-vaporization or under-vaporization.

You don’t need to be a physicist to know that if you skimp on your power source, your mod may not work as needed, but Ohms law should guide you in the selection of your battery. Mods come with a guide for the recommended amperage of the battery. Should you skimp out, and use a battery of a lower level ampere, you might push the battery beyond its limits; the battery could start leaking dangerous chemicals, or might explode in your face. 

The safe bet is to select either one of two batteries: a protected ICR, or an IMR chemistry battery. The ICR last longer, due to their increased storage capacity, while the IMR is useful in lower resistance coils. Depending on the mod specifications, we may have the battery that guarantees safety and battery life, well worth the money you lay out:

-The rechargeable ICR 18650 from Aspire,with an amp backing of 40A and high discharge, for mods that drain power fast.

-The CF MAXX variable wattage battery; compatible with coils ranging from 0.3 Ohms to 5.0 Ohms. The overheat protection inside the cell is also an extra safety measure.

-The rechargeable IMR 18650 from IMREN; it has a 2500 mAh storage capacity and delivers a 40A current useful for power draining mods.

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