Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) 200W Mod

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Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) 200W Mod

The Geekvape L200 mod is the second generation of the Geekvape Aegis Legend mod. The powerful Legend 2 mod vape can reach up to 200W output using dual 18650 batteries. The huge 1.08-inch TFT color screen and adjustable airflow feature allow the user to monitor and customize settings to their exact vaping preference. Pair with the Geekvape Zeus sub-ohm tank for a genuinely superior vape experience. Try out the Aegis Mod with the Aegis Geekvape Box Mod today! 

Features and Specifications:

  • Dual 18650 Batteries
  • Output: 5-200W
  • Output Voltage: Max 12V
  • Output Current: Max 45A
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm
  • 1.08-inch TFT Color Screen
  • Type-C Charging
  • Low voltage warning: 3.2V±0.1V
  • PCBA Temperature alarm: 80?
  • Longest vaping time: 10s
  • Stand-by current: < 10uA
  • Operating temperature: 0?- 45?
  • Storage temperature: - 20?-60?
  • Relative humidity: 45%RH-75%RH

Package Includes:
1x Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 Mod
1x Type-C Cable

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The Aegis Legend

Michael DeCato


The Aegis Legend mod is a slightly thinner, slightly longer version of the OG Aegis mod that GeekVape released in 2017. It still maintains the same rugged styling and looks, but this version is a dual-18650 device. I did not own the OG Aegis, but I can say that the Aegis Legend stands pretty well on its own. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's jump off this review and start at the best place possible: the top.

Top: The top of the Aegis Legend is made entirely out of a large piece of metal secured to the rest of the device via 4 hex screws. There are a few circles indented around the 510 to give the appearance of a 510 "plate" and is large enough to accomodate 30mm attys. The 510 connection has some nice threading and the gold-plated positive pin is spring loaded. The USB charge port is also located on the top of the device, towards the front of the mod, and is covered/protected by a rubber insert to prevent water/dust from entering.

Buttons: Travelling down the front of the Legend and you have the fire button, screen (more on this later), and +/- buttons. There is absolutely no play in the buttons whatsoever and they have a nice clickyness to them. All buttons have a contour to them that makes it really easy and pleasant to press them. All buttons activate without any issues.

Screen/Menu: The screen/menu on the Aegis Legend is pretty much an exact copy of what was in the Blade kit so I'm going to use the magic of copy/paste here. The device has a decent sized screen and pretty much all the information you want to see on it. The menu system is very simplified, which can be a pro or a con. It works fine, so whatever. You can take a look above at the Operation section for more information on the workings of the menu. Rather than having a more immersive menu system, they rely on some weird shortcuts in order to do things. This was true on the Blade, and is still true on the Aegis Legend. I'd prefer an actual menu/submenu style of navigation for my UI, but hey, that's just me.

Battery Door/Tray: The bottom of the device houses a hinge-style battery door. The door has some venting on it and a sliding latch-release mechanism. The battery door is very springy and there is no unexpected movement from it. It's actually quite a nice door compared to others of this same style and is very secured when closed. There are a few issues I have with the door/tray, though. My biggest issues with the door is that it can sometimes be a pain to open and closed. I understand that they were going for rugged here, so I can give it a slight pass on this, but it is worth mentioning. The release button takes a bit of force to get it open, and closing it can be a real beast. Everything is just so tight down there (heh), especially the batteries. It's not necessarily a bad thing for the batteries as they're not just going to come sliding out of the device as soon as you pop the latch open. You just have to give the mode a slight tap or shake to get them to come out. My concern here is if you have batteries with slightly thicker wraps, you may have to fight a bit to get them out.

Size/Styling: The size of the device seems pretty standard for a dual 18650 device. It may be on the slightly larger side of the spectrum, but this is completely acceptable given the ruggedness of the device. While it might be a bit larger than some devices, it's not uncomfortable to hold. The styling makes it very easy to grip and it just fits well in the hand. Speaking of styling, I really love how this device looks. The accent pieces really set this device off. The devices uses Silicon and alloy materials to help give it it's durability. And from the leather padding to the colored trim/buttons/stitching, this device just looks really well crafted.

Performance: I used the Legend mostly in Power Mode but swapped on over to TC to test things out a bit. Power Mode performs fantastically as I've come to expect from GeekVape devices. As with the Blade, the Aegis Legends fires stupidly quick. There is no dealy whatsoever. This is great when taking hits. Not so much when you want to turn the device off or perform any functions that utilize the fire button. It's just one of those things where you have to take the bad with the good. As for power output, it felt really nice and consistent. TC: I feel like TC has gotten a bit better since I reviewed the Blade, but it's still nowhere near the likes of VooPoo or Smoant.

I want to note one more thing here. I had seen some issues concerning this device, namely idle battery drain and issues updating firmware. The first thing I did when I opened this device was update the firmware. I was a bit on edge the entire time, but it updated without any issues. Also, I tend to shut my devices off immediately after use and usually don't have them on for hours at a time. However, I did forget to turn it off for an entire day and when I looked at it, battery life was about where I left it. So while others may have had bad experiences concerning these issues, I have not. My device is on version v1.2.

Durability: I'm sorry everyone. I'm very easy on all of my devices and baby them. They're electronic devices, and maybe it's because I'm so used to being careful with my phone, or an mp3 player, but I make sure to be careful will all handheld electronic devices. So while this device is meant to be rugged and should be able to hold up to some abuse, I am unable to report on that. I did however stand around in the rain with it in my hand a few times and haven't had any issues with it, so I guess that's something.

Aero Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

The Aero Mesh is very similar to the Aero that I reviewed with the Blade, so here's a bit of copy/paste and I'll talk a bit about the new coils.

It's a nice little subohm tank. It has adequate airlfow and some pretty good flavor. It takes 810 drip tips, so that's a bonus. It utilizes The same top-fill design that is typical of GeekVape, where you twist it a half of a turn to remove the entire top. I feel like some kind of push-to-open top would be better, or something hinge-style. The Mesh coils that GeekVape have created are actually really nice. The regular Aero tank I thought was just okay. It wasn't the tank's fault; it was the coils. The mesh coils with the Aero Mesh are really fantastic. Flavor is quite on point. Maybe I would have liked to see a dual or triple mesh coil options, but the single mesh is really great! I used to say I wasn't much of a sub-ohm tank guy, and while I still can't justify the cost of purchasing coils, I have to say that I'm really impressed with how far tanks have come.

Final Thoughts


  • Supposed durability (sorry, I didn't test)
  • Nice size
  • Accomodates 30mm attys
  • Smooth 510 threading
  • Waterproof/dustproof USB
  • Clicky and responsive buttons
  • Battery door is very secure and hinge is exceptional
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Styling
  • Quick firing
  • Power Mode performance
  • Coil flavor



  • Unintuitive button shortcuts
  • would have liked to see more of a menu system
  • Battery door hard to close
  • batteries slightly too tight in tray
  • maybe fires a bit too quickly
  • TC performance

The GeekVape Aegis Legend kit is a really great device. I love the way it looks and feels and it performs exceptionally well in Power Mode. It seems really rugged and durable and, while I baby my devices, I don't think I have to worry about some water splashing onto the device. Also, the new mesh coils that come with the Aero Mesh tank are really nice. If you don't care about TC and want something solid, the Aegis Legend should definitely be considered.

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