iJoy VPC Review


iJoy VPC Review

By Drew Hammond

Okay to start off... I was completely biased on whether or not I wanted to purchase this device, I mean it's a bit on the hefty side for "just a pod system device" right? WRONG, this is more than just a simple pod system device, this comes with their own unipods which are refillable for any juice that you may desire, but it comes with a unipod adapter so if you like your Juul pods (because I know I most certainly do) this device is compatible with them!

As well as alternative Juul pods such as Sea pods, 4x pods, etc. Not only that but they're working on an adapter for 2 other pod system devices which are the Juno, and the Myle, and I have both of them. This little nifty device completely makes my Juno, Juul, and Myle irrelevant. This is an awesome device, and for the price, I think it's way more than worth it for what this thing can do!

OH yeah! Forgot to mention. This device (if ran in power mode) can go up to 45 watts! So you can unscrew the top, and put on your little sub ohm tank if you desire!

10/10. 5 stars worthy for sure!

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